Choosing Sports Socks: compression socks and cushioned sports socks from Avoalre

Sports socks can be a bit of a minefield, in terms of knowing what to purchase. It’s perfectly possible to order ten different brands and still not end up with anything that is especially comfortable.

Of course, it also depends what sort of sport or exercise you are doing as well. All socks do not work for all sports and do not work with all footwear. You really do need the right kit for the job,

As someone who runs marathons, I always used to run in a pair of fairly standard trainer socks with a cushioned heel. I thought these were totally fine and then someone asked me at a race one day, how I managed without compression socks! Up until then I’d only ever worn compression socks on long haul flights – I was seriously late to the party.

After this it felt like everywhere I looked everyone was wearing compression socks. Why on earth did I not have any of these? I purchased a pair from amazon with good reviews to see what all the fuss was about.

I kid you not, it was like owning a new pair of legs and feet! Honestly, that is no exaggeration. I was so cross with myself for not trying them sooner. Running suddenly became a totally different experience. These days, if I’m running anything over a couple of miles I wear compression socks.

My feet and legs feel rested even when I have run a long way, they are always free from any blisters or rubbing and recovery after a marathon is much quicker. It was a ‘where have you been all my life’ moment.

When I run, I prefer to wear the long, knee-length compression socks, similar to these below.

For walking or other exercise I really like these cushioned athletic socks from Avoalre. I’ve actually been wearing these most days whilst working from home because they are so comfortable. They are really cushioned, to the point that it feels like you are walking on air bags, but they aren’t bulky, so you can still wear your normal trainers without them feeling tight in any way.

If you are after total comfort, these are the socks for you. These cushioned athletic socks currently have 5% off as well, so just enter code LMDQCOCZ at the checkout (valid until 31/12/21) these would be a perfect stocking filler for any active people in your family. They really make tired feet feel looked after!

What are your favourite sports socks? Do you have a go-to pair you prefer?

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