Clever Ways To Squeeze A Little Extra Space Into Your Small Bathroom

Do you find that, no matter how large your home, you’re still short of space? We tend to expand into the space around us, despite the size of the rooms, and this is particularly true of the bathroom. With the number of appliances we use, our toiletries and towels, there’s never enough room to store everything. Bathrooms can soon begin to look cluttered and messy very quickly.

If you have a small bathroom or just a lot of stuff, follow these clever tricks to make the most of the available space.

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Assess The Furniture

Furniture takes up the most space in the bathroom, and so it makes sense to start here. Could you live without a bath? For some people this is inconceivable, but others manage perfectly well with a shower, and of course, showers take up much less floor space. Taking out the bath will open up the room and provide you with additional room.

Opt for smaller furniture and make the most of storage options. For example, a countertop basin would take up much less space than a full-sized pedestal unit. It also looks elegant and stylish.

Empty The Bathroom

Start by taking everything out of the bathroom, with the exception of the furniture. Empty shelves, drawers and cupboards and take down pictures. It should be completely bare when it’s finished. This is a good time to give it a really good clean without having to work around the clutter. Before you begin putting everything back, assess whether it’s needed and whether it could be housed elsewhere. It’s a good opportunity throw away those almost empty shampoo bottles you’re never going to use.

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Creative Containers

Before putting items back into the bathroom, sort everything into containers. Decant shampoos and lotions into smart glass bottles and jars. This will provide a cleaner, streamlined and less cluttered look. Invest in baskets and plastic containers. Store like with like for easy access. Keep all of the counter tops clear and ensure everything is put away onto shelves or into cupboards or drawers.

Use The Height

One of the tricks of creating more storage space is to utilize all available room. We tend to keep everything within easy reach for ease of use. However, for items we don’t use every day, consider creating high shelves. An ideal place for these is above the bathroom door. We don’t use that area, and it could comfortably hold a whole range of odds and ends.

Multi-Function Furniture

Opt for furniture and fittings that have more than one purpose. For example, could your full-size wall mirror be placed over a slimline cupboard? Could you ditch the chair and add an ottoman with a seat top? If you don’t have room for towel racks, mount them on the back of the bathroom door.


Above The Toilet

And don’t forget the toilet. The space above the toilet is often under-utilized. Add some spice racks or floating shelves and make the most of the area.

Even the tiniest bathrooms can be functional and stylish, without looking cluttered. Adopting a few clever tricks will open up the room and make the most of the available space.


  1. High shelves are useful when you have toddlers too. Especially when you have one who likes to pour your expensive shampoo into the toilet when your back is turned! 😉

  2. I like the idea of putting a shelf above the door! we have a tiny bathroom this would be a great place to store the extra toilet rolls!

  3. My bathroom is absolutely tiny and completely tiled! Because we rent we can’t do much to it so we just have little baskets squeezed in wherever we can haha 🙂 #bestandworst

  4. Great ideas as although our bathroom is a good size, our downstairs toilet which is used the most, is really small and I never thought about storage for Mia’s potty, toilet seat, and step which end up all over the floor! 🙂


  5. Our bathroom is super tiny, it has a thin ledge that is a makeshift cover of all the pipes. Along the loo and sink and one of their wall there is a wall mirror from midwall to the ceiling so we only have one cabinet and I have to have a basket hanging over to fit it all in. I can’t wait to move and get a bigger bathroom!

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