D.I.Y Hair Mask: The verdict

Have you ever used a hair mask on your hair? Do you do this on a regular basis? I remember doing a couple of these as a teen with samples I’d had stuck to magazines I had bought, but it’s not something I have done much at all.

The problem

Recently my hair has been drier than usual and in need of some TLC. Honestly, that’s a major understatement. Basically, when I only had one child I washed my hair every day and blew it dry every day too.

This meant that I went through hairdryers quite quickly. I would average a new one every year, as they just couldn’t cope with the drying hours for hair as long as mine.

Since having my boys I now only wash my hair once a week. This has meant less drying, but also means I’ve had my current hair dryer for rather a long time. I lost the end of it in our house move last year and I’ve been thinking for a while I should replace it but always prioritised something else, as mums do.

Long story short, I frazzled my hair. How I didn’t actually set fire to myself I’m not sure, but the result is hair that needs nourishing. I could have made a human hair wig with the amount of hair that came out as a result of my mishap!

The mask

After binning my hair dryer I began googling D.I.Y hair masks, hoping something lush and natural would help the situation.

The mask that seemed most suited to my hair problem involved mixing egg, apple cider vinegar and honey. These were all things I had in, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I knew this wouldn’t smell great but I wasn’t quite prepared for how bad it actually smelt. It was vile.

I applied it to my hair, covered it with a shower cap and endured it for 30 minutes before washing it off.

Endure is no exaggeration. I spent that entire time trying not to inhale the fumes from my own head.

The verdict

After the 30 minutes was up I took great delight in washing the ‘mask’ out of my hair. I shampooed and conditioned as normal and then shampooed again as the smell was still there. This din’t seem to help, so I gave up hoping it would smell better when dry.

I let it dry naturally, which took hours, but I’m a little afraid of hairdryers at the moment. It didn’t smell much better when it was dry BUT the condition of my hair was ten times better than it had been before the mask!

I don’t think I will be doing this often. It’s very messy and VERY smelly, BUT it absolutely does what the recipe said it would – repair dry and damaged hair!


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