Don’t tell me that…

Listening to other mums is simply soul-destroying sometimes. 

Whether they actually believe their own hype or use it as a cover-up to hide their own insecurities, I am not sure, but when you are a busy mummy trying to do your best with minimal support and feeling rather shitty about yourself, you really don’t need to hear any of the following…

• “I was only in labor for thirty minutes”  (Try four days)

• “She was born on the Tuesday and by the Friday I was back in my skinny jeans”. (This is enough to promote suicidal thoughts)

• “When are you due?” (When you aren’t even pregnant anymore)

• “My mum has them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I go to the gym. Then his mum has them Tuesday and Thursday so I can get my hair and nails done. And then on Saturday he has them so I can go to the supermarket.” (The gym would think there was an
intruder if I turned up – my hair and nails would probably drop out from shock – and the supermarket wouldn’t be the same without continual demands from the children and the compulsory toilet trip when you are in the middle of unloading the shopping at the checkout…remind me why you had children if you never actually have them?)

• “He has slept through the night from two weeks old”. (Just shut up!)

• “She just potty-trained herself really at about eighteen months.” (Really? Well I can clean up poo and wee with my eyes closed)

• “My husband brought me breakfast in bed every day for the first six months after the baby was born.” (Enough!)

• “He does the night feeds so I can sleep”. (Sleep? What’s that?)

• “I’m struggling to decide which bikinis to take with me on holiday this year.” (I never want to see another bikini again!)

Hang fire, engage your filter and think of other mummies!

We don’t all do a big poo and pop back into our pre-pregnancy clothes and we don’t all have time for hair, nails and the gym.

Be kind. Be realistic. That is all.

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  1. This is so true. When I had my first 2 I went to playgroups and had all this. By my 4th I kept myself to myself. I seen and heard so much that made me wary of friend and playgroups groups.

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop 🙂

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