Eight family-friendly tips on how to reduce ocean waste

When we were in Florida, we spent sometime at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Whilst we were there we learnt a huge amount about ocean waste and the problems it can cause. Minimising harmful waste is important to protecting the ocean and everything that lives in it. We all have to do our bit, these eight tips, provided by ocean experts, can help you out.

1. Dispose of plastic

Plastic is one of the highest contributors to ocean waste. Think about it. Plastic straws, plastic water bottles, plastic in nappy waste, etc. The list goes on. A solution to this is to reduce the plastic intake your family has. instead of buying plastic water bottles, get your family to start using a filtered pitcher or tap water. You could consider switching to glass milk bottles or cartons.

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2. Support organisations

Organisations around the world are seeking ways to reduce the waste we put into the oceans. You and your family can volunteer for these organisations or join local events they may have. It’ll be great for the ocean, and a fun family activity.

3. Participate in an area cleanup

Speaking of fun family activities, cleaning up local beaches is a great way to lower waste. If you don’t live near a beach, take a holiday to a beach if you can, or a day trip.  You can explore a city and help the environment at the same time. One awesome vacation is: https://parasaildestin.com/

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4. Grow your own food

You don’t need to grow all of your food, just what you can. Think about the food you buy. A lot of it comes wrapped in plastic which is harmful to the environment. Growing your own veggies and fruits can go a long way.

5. Reusable Products

Simple enough, right? Replacing products you use with Eco-friendly versions will be great. Instead of disposable nappies, you could use cloth ones. Think more carefully about what you are buying and disposing of.

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6. Pick Up Plastic On The Side Of The Road

You can turn this into a game for your family. Who can pick up the most plastic? Make sure to wear safety gloves in order to stay hygienic. Also, be conscious of what your children are picking up.

7. Recycle

You’d be surprised how often people forget to recycle. Placing a recycling bin next to your waste bin can remind your family to recycle. Asking restaurants or local community centers to place recycling bins in their buildings can go a long way as well.

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8. Bulk Food

Buying your food in large quantities reduces the amount of plastic that needs to cover it. Buying in bulk also allows you to cater to different needs. If you have multiple non-plastic straws you can give one to each family member.

Use these tips to help save Earth’s oceans. Making little changes within your family can go a long way to reducing your waste.

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