Encouraging budding artists: a few thoughts

Do you have any budding little artists? I love to watch children draw and to see what they create. I also love that moment when you ask what it is and they respond with something really complex. You need to perfect that thing when you tilt the paper to one side, close one eye and nod “oh yes, fantastic I can see that now” – don’t be caught out though, I’ve been told so many times in the past, “Mummy you are looking at it upside down” – silly me!

Creative children are a total joy to watch and when they become so immersed in their creations that they don’t even hear you ask them a question – that’s when you know they have the bug.

Learning to draw or paint is something that comes in time, alongside the development of fine motor skills and a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world. Children may flip backwards and forwards even between their left and right hands before deciding which hand they will use to draw with.

creative children

Like anything, you can’t force a child to be creative. Like every other area of development though, as parents we can give children the opportunities and tools to see if being creative with art is something they enjoy.

One of the first things I did with my children was give them large chalk sticks and allow them to draw on the flagstones outside. They loved this from very early on, and still enjoy this as an activity now.

Painting is also something they enjoyed early on and have continued to love. They especially love painting outside in the summer. They will look at the trees and cows and re-create their own versions, before inevitably ending up painting themselves, or quite possibly each other!

creative children

If your little ones are showing signs of being interested in creative expression, you could try something like The Hape Anywhere Art Studio priced £32.49 from Amazon. Suitable for 3 Years + this tabletop art studio keeps artists busy with a magnetic whiteboard, chalk board, and magnetic shapes. Play with colors or use crayons to learn the names of new shades.

This provides hours of fun in a whole host of different ways. The fact that the whole thing is portable is fantastic. Have it inside in the winter and outside in the summer – there will be no limits to their creativity.

table top art studio

This only comes with two chalk pieces so I’d suggest also getting a big box of coloured chalks to properly satisfy your little artist.

If you haven’t come across Hape before they are a lovely brand. We love their train sets in particular.

Are your children enjoying art activities at the moment? Are they showing a flair?

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