Feeling Hormonal? 7 Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

Our hormones need to be kept at a certain level to keep our body functioning correctly. A hormonal balance can occur when your body goes through a big change. This could be anything from having a child to gaining muscle at the gym. It’s important to know when your hormones are off-balance so that you can take action to correct them. Below are 7 signs you may be experiencing a hormone imbalance.

hormone imbalance?
Mood swings

Hormones like estrogen can have an impact on the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin. If you’ve been feeling very up and down recently and you can’t work out why, it could be due to a hormonal balance.

Low libido

Our sex drive is affected by our hormone levels – specifically testosterone and estrogen. If you’ve had no sex drive recently or are suddenly experiencing problems like erectile dysfunction, consider whether hormones could be to blame.

In addition to the signs mentioned, understanding the importance of sex to a woman, as explored in this insightful article by Vella Bio, can offer further clarity on hormonal balance and overall well-being.


Weight gain

Certain hormonal changes can affect our appetite, as well as converting more calories into body fat. If you’ve been eating the same diet and doing the same amount of physical activity, but you’ve started gaining weight, consider checking your hormones.

Acne/dry skin

dry skin or acne could be the result of a hormonal imbalance causing your skin to produce too little or too much oil.

Period problems

Getting very heavy periods? Or not getting periods at all? Hormones like estrogen play a vital part in women’s ovulation cycles. It’s possible an imbalance could be the cause.

Feeling hot/cold

Hormones can also affect how our body detects and responds to the temperature. Many women going through their menopause experience hot flashes, however cold flashes are also a thing too. This could be accompanied by unexplained sweating or shivering. 

How to balance your hormones

You may be able to regulate your hormones naturally by eating healthily, exercising, reducing stress and getting more sleep. Our gut health has a big impact on hormone production, so it’s important to keep your gut happy – consuming probiotics and temporarily avoiding alcohol could get hormones working properly again if you’ve been experiencing gut issues. 

A number of supplements can also help to balance hormones. The likes of these PCT products can help when bulking at the gym, while supplements like folic acid can balance hormones during pregnancy and reduce complications. Make sure to only use medically-approved supplements.

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  1. This is fab! I’ve been suffering from all of these for a while and wondered what the reason was. Plus a few others – I used to just say I was “hor-motional”😂 good to know there’s a reason and name. Will try some of the ideas!

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