Five Tips For Putting Yourself First After Childbirth

It’s hard to put into words the sheer joy of being a mother. Once you finally hold your little one in your arms, it can truly be completely transformative. However, a lot of us are guilty of believing that we can resume our typical routines after giving birth. We tend to forget that pregnancy, labour, and delivery are all serious events from which our bodies must recuperate. 

With so much pressure on us as mums to be both the perfect parent, the perfect homemaker, and have a successful career, it’s far too easy to overlook our own needs. Amid the joys of motherhood, though, it’s incredibly important to remember to take the time to take care of yourself. If you want to feel confident again after having a baby, then these four tips can help guide you toward knowing how to make yourself a priority after childbirth. It’s not easy to prioritise your own needs and many of us mothers are guilty of always putting ourselves last, but we really need to try to improve this.

Focus On a Healthy Diet

Breastfeeding and even recovery after pregnancy can be made easier by eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Sure, it’s far too easy to reach for that packet of crisps or takeaway when you’re exhausted and covered in sick, but a balanced diet – combined with regular workouts – can do wonders for your body and your mind.

You should strive to eat fresh fruits and vegetables at regular intervals throughout the day to maintain your energy levels. These foods can provide a wealth of nutrients that will benefit you and your child. Aim to eat foods that are rich in fibre, as well. Foods like beans, wholemeal bread, and broccoli are economical and easily accessible. Even better, they aid in digestion and make you feel more content after eating.

It’s also a good idea to eat leafy vegetables like iron-rich spinach, green salad, or kale to fulfil your daily vitamin and other nutritional needs. In terms of nutrients, Leafy vegetables are a veritable powerhouse, including a bevy of vitamins, fibre, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

That said, eating healthy does not imply that you should completely ignore your cravings. It’s absolutely fine to give in to the urge to eat naughty foods now and again, such as kebabs and the odd biscuit here and there. But you should keep your little indulgences to a minimum.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is truly the elixir of life, and we’d all cease to exist without it. Apart from keeping you alive, though, water also aids in keeping your skin moisturised. You can keep your skin supple and dewy by drinking plenty of water and consuming water-rich foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes, or watermelon, to name a few. With regular water consumption, you’ll notice your skin returning to a more hydrated state, revealing a more youthful appearance. If you are breastfeeding you also need to pay particular attention to your hydration.

Enjoy Regular Exercise

Every woman’s postpartum experience is unique, and some of us bounce back quickly while others may struggle a bit more. With that in mind, most physicians like to prescribe gentle walking as the first type of activity you should engage in after you give birth. You can get the ball rolling on an excellent post-pregnancy workout regimen just by walking.

In addition to helping you shed those extra (and completely necessary!) kilograms that you gained throughout your pregnancy, a regular workout routine can also more importantly improve your mood. You should still seek the approval of your physician before you start working out, though, just to make sure your body is ready for it. But exercising after childbirth can positively affect your emotional and mental well-being, since endorphins released by your brain when exercising can help boost your moods.

However, while exercise is great for helping you get firm and toned, stubborn fat and cellulite are more resistant to regular workouts. Using a body contouring product like the Sensica Sensifirm can help give you the shapely curves that you want, without requiring you to wear yourself out at the gym or wasting money on creams that don’t work. That way, you can still set aside some time to continue to be the best mum possible. The important thing to remember is don’t feel pressured to rush weight loss, focus on exercise for improving mood and the rest will follow at some point.

Try a New Look

When your body has finally fully recovered from childbirth – or as much as it really can – then this period of life is an excellent time to experiment with your appearance. Perhaps try out a new style of clothing or cosmetics, or treat yourself to a new haircut at a posh, upscale salon, or visit this dentist in Downey to enhance your smile. Get your nails done, or don’t… it’s entirely up to you!

Before you go on a shopping spree, though, ask yourself a few questions about what look is best for you. Sure, getting a blowout or a fancy manicure can seem like a treat, but is it something you can maintain? There’s nothing wrong with wanting a simpler, less-fuss style, and you can still exude class and glam with even the simplest wardrobe or style tweaks!

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

The amount of work you did before pregnancy and the work you will do after will be different, and it’s no lie that having your baby in tow can make it harder to juggle all the things on your plate. You can’t be afraid to ask for help, especially if your partner or friends are offering it. Now isn’t the time to wear yourself out, and there’s no shame in enlisting loved ones to make your workload easier.

It’s true that the bulk of your time and energy will be devoted to your new child after you give birth, making it difficult to do everyday duties effectively. As long as you make a concerted effort to put yourself first – such as prioritising nutrition, gentle exercise, a new look, and asking for help – you can find yourself feeling like you once more. And as a mum, it’s a gift to yourself that you definitely deserve!

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