Health Special: Here Is How You Can Support The Men In Your Life!

When it comes to our family’s health, there is absolutely nothing we wouldn’t do. Since there is such little emphasis on the health of our beloved men of all ages, understanding how to support them better can be complex.

Men are notoriously bad for taking care of their own health and well known for putting things off – this could be your son, husband, best friend, father, brother, grandfather – they may ignore their own health, which is a stereotypical red flag. To change the narrative around men’s health we can easily take one step at a time within our own families. This blog will give you a few ideas about how you can encourage your male members to look after themselves better. Let’s take a look at the points mentioned below.

  1. Check-in on their overall health: No matter how many things pile up on their plate, you may have noticed your elder son or husband trying to dodge their health. While some of it comes from the anxiety of finding something that shouldn’t be happening in their body, others are just not conditioned to put in an active effort into preventive healthcare. To nudge them into a direction that focuses on the detection and prevention of illnesses, getting yearly check-ups is an essential appointment they must not miss. Encourage them to check in on their overall health and vitality so they can be conscious of the changes they undergo.
  • Motivate them to get a check-up: As we mentioned above, there is always something important that comes up before a health check-up. Many men are conditioned to work till they drop and ignore minor health symptoms until they turn into something big. Not only is this approach harmful, but also not a good indicator of your family’s overall wellbeing. Get them into the habit of getting a health check-up done as soon as they find the first signs of health scares.
  • Understand how male hormones influence them: While we all have quite some similarities in the way the majority of the hormones influence us, there are a few significant differences too. For instance, testosterone is the male hormone that affects a man’s energy levels, libido, productivity, motivation, and overall vitality. Stress and other issues may hinder the production of testosterone, causing mental health disorders, loss of productivity, lowered fertility, and weight loss. If you suspect that there is a similar issue with a member of your family, here’s a word of encouragement. “Early detection can help you restore your vitality. You can optimize your health with TRT, which is hormonal replacement therapy.
  • Help them with their nutrition and diet: If you feel like they’re ignoring their health and nutrition, it’s time to help them reprioritise their wellbeing. It all lies in the little things such as their diet and nutrition. Suggest some smart meal-prep plans for the days they are busy so that they don’t fill their stomachs with junk food, but with highly nutritious foods, which will support the body.
  • Look into your family medical history: We all have family medical histories that can help us track the preliminary signs of any illnesses and mitigate them. Some of the diseases that may carry through genes are diabetes, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cardiac disorders. Some of these diseases like heart problems tend to affect the male members more than the females, which is why it is essential for you to look into the medical history of your family. This way, you can track the vitals of the men in your house to take preventive measures, detect any early signs, and deal with them accordingly.
  • Support their mental health: Even in 2022, the narrative about men’s mental health still requires a lot of changes. However, since change starts in each home, you can hold space for meaningful conversations that can help the men in your family receive the help and support they need. A listening ear and an attentive eye to detect early symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety can help you compassionately be there for them.

Final Word:

The responsibilities of being a women never end, even when our kids are older and no longer require our help. Similarly, being a woman can also entail looking after an entire family, which has a mix of members. Each of them has its own health concerns that we need to pay attention to, including our beloved partners and parents. We hope this blog helps you show the men in your family how to care for themselves better with your support..


  1. Thanks for the great article. I would like to add that it is important for a woman to encourage her man to undergo regular medical check-ups. Also, men’s health is very important for men. When I started to have the first problems with erectile dysfunction, my wife literally forced me to undergo treatment for gains waves. And I am very grateful to her for pushing me to get professional help.

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