Holidays in France: Plan your trip

I spent a considerable part of my childhood driving around France with my parents. We visited some beautiful places before they decided on a place they could live. Although I want my children to visit other parts of the world, they’ve also spent quite a lot of time in France over the years too.

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One of the lovely things about France is the variety. Love skiing? Then you can take a trip to the French Alps! I would fully recommend somewhere like La Plagne or Les Arcs – they are my two absolute favourite ski resorts.

Love a big city? You can take a trip on the Eurostar and visit Paris! Take in all the sites and sample some wonderful food, take a boat ride down the Seine and soak in the atmosphere.

Love the beach? Take a trip down to the Med or over to the Atlantic coast, with plenty of wonderful beaches, sites and places to stay.

Love the countryside? Visit the lush green landscape of the Dordogne perhaps, and take in the rolling hills, the wine and the traditional markets. You can even take a leisurely canoe down the river!

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Want to make it a special trip for the kids? Stop over at Disneyland Paris, or even pay a visit to Asterix Parc.

Whatever you like, France has something for you!

Get planning

When planning your trip to France there are a few things to consider. First of all, how will you get there? There are options here – drive, taking the Eurotunnel or the ferry; get the Eurostar and leave the car at home; or hop on a plane. Price up all the options and decide which option best meets your needs.

Think about where you will stay. I always find it easier to book online in advance. Ebooking allows you to plan ahead and stay in control of your trip, as well as offering some great deals. The one occasion we didn’t book our accommodation in advance this way it was a disaster and everywhere was fully booked. Don’t pay over the odds, book online and make you reservations online with ease.

Plan an itinerary before you go. There is so much to see and do in France, planning in advance can make sure you maximise you holiday time available. Don’t be caught out. Check out all the places you need to go, whether you needs to book in advance, see if there are any COVID restrictions and check out travelling times and distances between places. Think about the time of year too, in case there are seasonal closures.

Like with any travel, make sure your passport is valid and that you have taken out some travel insurance for your trip.

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Why not make the time to learn a bit of French before your trip? If you don’t already speak a bit of French, make some time to learn a few words before your trip. It can help make it a much more enriching experience, and it will go a long way with the locals!

Have a great time!

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