How Can I Plan a Gender Reveal for My Friend?

When you find out your friend is expecting, you may be incredibly excited for her. As time goes on, she might ask you to plan her gender reveal, and entrust you with making the gathering a success.

At times, you may be the only one to know, especially if she and her partner wish to find out on the day. Planning this party can be quite stressful, especially if you want to give her a day she will relish for years. Instead of focusing too much on trying to fit in lots of different things, you may want to simplify it down to three aspects.

The first of these aspects can be the way that you do the big reveal itself. You might want to try and use something that you haven’t seen too many times on social media. Gender reveal firework displays in Kent can be a great way of making the most of an evening do, and also really astound your guests if it’s a lavish do she wants. This would involve you liaising with a fireworks company who can craft pyrotechnics for your budget, using the colours required. They may also be able to give you information regarding how to make neighbours aware if you are having the party at a residence, or even collude with your chosen venue to ensure that health and safety protocol is followed.

You could go for a gender reveal balloon or a gender reveal cake, or even gender reveal party poppers!

Regarding entertainment, you might want to think about how you can make the event enjoyable for guests. Although the reveal itself may be why they have attended, that doesn’t mean people want to sit around for an unspecified length of time until the reveal itself. Therefore, you might want to consider including some gender reveal party games, or those that relate to pregnancy, to help pass the time. This can also allow your guests to mingle with one another, as well as break the ice a bit for people who haven’t previously met.

Serving food at your friend’s gender reveal party might also be a good idea, especially if it is to take place over a span of hours, or during a common mealtime. When choosing food, you may want to keep your pregnant friend in mind, as there are numerous food types which might be deemed unsafe for pregnant women. You might remember some from your own pregnancy, however, it can also be a good idea to re-educate yourself as more items may have been added. Checking if there are any other dietary requirements for other guests could also be a good idea, so that everyone is properly catered for. 

It can be quite a privilege to plan a gender reveal party on behalf of someone else. To make sure things go off without issue, you may want to consider the preferences of the parents-to-be. Including some of their likes and choices in the day can really show them how much you care. Alongside this, finding a significant way to inform them about their baby’s gender could be very well received.

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