How to Embrace Wanderlust as Empty Nesters: Crafting Your Dream Holiday

As empty nesters, you finally have the time and freedom to indulge your wanderlust and travel to all those destinations you’ve been dreaming about over the years. With the kids grown up and out of the house, you can fully immerse yourselves in planning the holiday of your dreams without worrying about fitting anyone’s schedule but your own. Whether you fancy exploring the wilds of Africa, absorbing the rich history of Europe, or taking in the majestic sights of America, crafting the perfect holiday as empty nesters is all about focusing on quality over quantity and choosing locations and experiences that speak to your passions.

Research Destinations That Appeal to Your Interests

The first step to crafting your dream holiday is thinking about what destinations truly appeal to you. Have you always wanted to visit the great museums and galleries of Paris? Does the thought of spotting elephants and lions on a Kenya safari make your heart race? Or perhaps you’d love to hire a car and drive the famous Route 66, taking in the epic scenery of the American Midwest. Take some time to research different destinations around the world that offer the sort of experiences, landscapes, culture, and activities you’re most excited about.

Go High-End for Ultimate Indulgence

This is the time to spare no expense for ultimate luxury and indulgence. You’ve worked hard and saved up over the years, so make the most of your empty nester status by opting for 5-star accommodation, fine dining, exclusive tours and unforgettable moments. Whether you want to spend a few nights at a premier safari lodge in the heart of the Masai Mara with unrivalled wildlife viewing opportunities or book yourself onto a culinary tour of Italy’s top Michelin-starred restaurants, going high-end all the way is what dream holidays are made of.

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Get Off the Beaten Path for Unique Adventures

If getting away from the normal tourist trails appeals to you more than luxury, then why not get off the beaten path and craft a holiday full of unique adventure? If you travel to the USA, you could take a road trip to small towns in the American Deep South to experience blues music in its birthplace Mississippi, or do a sailing trip around little-visited islands in Indonesia rich with wildlife and culture. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone on a hiking expedition in Patagonia or learning the art of the perfect ceviche during a cooking class in Lima will create memories to last a lifetime.

Personalise Your Ideal Itinerary

The beauty of crafting your dream holiday as empty nesters is that you can personalise your itinerary down to the smallest details to make it your perfect trip. Leave plenty of free time for serendipitous strolls in Paris’ atmospheric Montmartre district or leisurely wildlife-spotting cruises along the Chobe River. Build in opportunities to meet local people by learning regional cookery techniques in Tuscany or taking a craft workshop with Indigenous artists in Australia. Choose accommodation that reflects what matters most, be it beachfront villas in Sri Lanka, a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala or a dude ranch in Wyoming.

As empty nesters finally free to spread your wings, crafting your dream holiday is the chance to curate soul-stirring experiences that satisfy your deepest wanderlust. Whether that means connecting to nature, immersing yourself in different cultures, journeying to locations you’ve always fantasised about or simply having the flexibility to decide each day’s adventures as you please, ultimately this is the time to explore this incredible world of ours on your own terms.


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