4 Tips for Dressing for Maternity

Dressing for maternity isn’t easy. You don’t feel comfortable in anything, your body is changing all the time, and you can’t help but look at yourself as more of a blob than anything else.

Maternity clothes don’t help themselves – they’re usually not as flattering. But I have to say – it does all depend on the style and the type of clothing you’re wearing. Excessively baggy maternity clothes are hard to style, but they are comfortable. So, which are you meant to go for?

Read on for four tips for dressing for maternity all year round.

Embrace Stretch and Comfort

It wouldn’t be right to do this article without talking about stretch and comfort. It’s the first thing you’ll think about as your tummy begins to expand, and your skinny jeans won’t stretch any further.

Look for pieces made from soft, stretchy fabrics that provide all the room for expansion without constricting movement. You’ll be shocked at how quickly you expand.

Clothing like high-quality leggings, elastic-waisted pants, and stretchy T-shirts are perfect.

Prioritise Adjustable and Layering Options

Adaptability is essential – you’ll move through the seasons during pregnancy. You’ll want clothing with adjustable features like drawstring waistbands or ruched sides. You’ll find that most maternity wear comes with this – god forbid you buy jeans with a button in sight.

Using layers in your outfits allows for easy adjustments based on temperature – and even if you think you’ll be cold, as a pregnant woman, you’re usually hot.

Still, you can get a bunch of cheap t shirts online from websites like Wordans, without breaking the bank, and layer them up in style.

Photo by Vanessa on Unsplash

Postpartum Use

Don’t let the Instagram influencers who bounce back from their pregnancy body fool you – it’s not that easy. They ate one almond and took two spin classes per day during their pregnancy. For most of us, the pregnancy bloat sticks around for many months, and you’ll be contending with nursing and caring for a baby.

So, when you pick your maternity clothes, think about wearing them after the birth. Many maternity pieces, especially t shirt, are designed for nursing. They offer functionality beyond pregnancy, making them wise investments. They’ll give you easy access to breastfeeding and are designed with postpartum bodies in mind. You definitely will feel comfortable.

Embrace Your Style

Just because it’s maternity clothes, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be stylish. There’s a tendency for some maternity lines to be a little too oversized, and then you have some fashion designers and celebrities, like Kylie Jenner and Rhianna, wearing cropped everything.

Even though my recommendation is for comfort, especially in the last trimester, you can wear whatever you want. There are some really stylish maternity clothing lines online.

Really, you shouldn’t care what you look like. But realistically, all mums do. All you should look for is comfort and following a style you like – don’t let maternity clothes make you feel like a blob.

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