How to Spot a Fake Giveaway on Instagram

Unlike the chances of winning the lottery, winning an Instagram giveaway depends solely on how many people enter the contest (usually, you can’t enter twice, unlike the lottery, where some people buy more tickets.) Still, the allure of these contests can be irresistible. However, not all that glitter is gold; some giveaways might be wolves in sheep’s clothing. So, how can you distinguish a genuine giveaway from a deceptive one on Instagram?

Brand-New Account

Encountering a captivating giveaway, you venture to the organiser’s profile only to find an empty feed, with the giveaway being the sole content. In such cases, it’s essential to build a genuine and engaged audience rather than resorting to shortcuts like attempting to purchase Instagram followers.

Account with Minimal Activity

You may already know from hosting a giveaway that legitimate giveaways typically originate from well-established accounts with an active follower base. Be wary of accounts with minimal followers or zero recent activity. A sudden surge in activity after prolonged dormancy should also raise suspicion.

Spelling Slip-Ups and Language Lapses

Authentic brands take care of their posts. If you detect spelling errors, blurry images, or language mistakes, a potential red flag indicates a dubious giveaway.

Stock Image Dilemma

While stock photos are acceptable, a brand or influencer offering a specific prize should ideally use their own images. If you spot generic or unauthorised images, scepticism is warranted. When in doubt, run the image through a quick Google search to check for prior usage.

Trickery Tactics

Beware of giveaways designed to confuse or deceive. For instance, a giveaway featuring a non-functional roulette wheel may trick participants into unintentionally liking the photo. Stay vigilant for giveaways employing tactics meant to mislead.

Unrealistic Follower Requirements

Some giveaways set conditions like “Enter when we hit 10k followers!” or “Prize increases by $100 for every 100 followers!” It might not be trustworthy if a giveaway insists on a minimum follower count, especially a lofty one.

Enhancing Your Odds: Commenting and Tagging

Engaging in comments and tags increases your chances, but be cautious if a giveaway promises extra wins through excessive tagging or commenting. A genuine giveaway usually only requires one comment and recommends 3 to 5 tags per person.

The Absence of Terms and Conditions

Every legitimate online giveaway must have terms and conditions that provide crucial details about the organiser, participation guidelines, winner selection, data handling, etc. No terms and conditions? That’s a clear signal to tread carefully.

Lack of Prize Draw Certification

A fair giveaway should have evidence of its legitimacy. A certificate of validity confirms the draw’s fairness.

Silent Organisers Raise Suspicion

Legitimate giveaway organisers should be accessible for inquiries. Exercise caution if you can’t find contact information or the organiser ignores messages.

Hashtag Overload

While hashtags boost visibility, relevant ones are key. If a giveaway post is drowning in hashtags, especially irrelevant ones, it might not be genuine or use spammy tactics.

Bot Infestation in Comments

Before joining a giveaway, observe who else is participating. If real people are engaged, it’s likely authentic. However, fake accounts and spammy comments are red flags. Watch for repeat comments from the same users or those containing suspicious links.

Too-Good-To-Be-True Prizes

If a giveaway promises lavish prizes that seem too extravagant for the account’s size or the nature of the promotion, it might be a red flag. Scammers often use the allure of high-value items to lure unsuspecting participants.

How to report fake Instagram giveaways?

Wondering what to do if you come across a phony Instagram giveaway? Here’s a simple guide to help you out:

  1. Examine the details: Take a closer look and follow the steps outlined in this guide. Reach out to the organiser if you’re uncertain about the authenticity of the giveaway. When in doubt, it’s often safer to disregard it altogether.
  2. Report fake giveaways: If you’re convinced that the giveaway is a sham, report the organiser to Instagram. Find the “three dots” icon in the giveaway post’s top right corner, select “report,” and proceed. You can also report the organiser’s profile using the same method.
  3. Block the source: Safeguard yourself by blocking the organiser after reporting a bogus giveaway. This minimizes the potential risks you might face.
  4. Prioritise data security: Refrain from sharing sensitive personal information during a giveaway unless you’re absolutely certain it’s legitimate. Understand how your data will be used before divulging any personal details. Your safety comes first.

Final Words

While Instagram giveaways can be thrilling, it’s crucial to approach them with a discerning eye. By being vigilant, checking account credibility, scrutinising entry requirements, and trusting your instincts, you can navigate the digital landscape and enjoy genuine opportunities without falling prey to deceptive tactics. Remember, a cautious approach today ensures a secure online experience tomorrow.


  1. Pay attention to who is participating in the giveaway. Real engagement from genuine fnaf accounts is a positive sign, while spammy comments from bots are a red flag.

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