How to Tell if Your Child is Happy at School

Children often have ups and downs at school. They may love learning about a particular subject one week, but then feel unhappy about their test results or fall out with a friend another week – but how do you tell if there is a serious issue at school that needs your attention?

Unfortunately some children find it hard to open up about their feelings, especially if they feel intimidated by a bully or scared that they could get into trouble. If you find that your child is reluctant to share details about their day, here a few questions from Taunton School to help you evaluate your child’s happiness at school. Give them a try.

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Q1. When your child returns home from school, are they excited to tell you about their day?

If your child is excited to share facts they have learnt at school or show you a new book they have been asked to read, this is a really good sign. This shows that your child is actively involved in their lessons and interested in the topics they are currently learning. Sharing information about their school life is a good indicator that your child is happy at school.

However, if your child seems unusually quiet each day and reluctant to discuss anything about school, then this could be a sign that there is something wrong. If you are concerned, it is wise to talk to your child’s teacher. They will be able to keep an eye on your child’s behaviour in class and inform you of any issues.

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Q2. When it’s time for homework, is your child keen to get out their school books?

If your child is keen to show off their skills and happy to complete homework on their own, then this is a really good sign that your child is enjoying school. If you find that your child is trying to avoid homework or they begin to miss deadlines, then you should intervene. Your child may be struggling with a particular subject and require additional learning support.

Q3. In the morning, is your child happy to get ready for school without any issues?

School mornings are often a challenge for both children and parents. We all want to stay in bed a bit longer or have a little longer to enjoy our breakfast, so complaints and moans are completely normal. However, if your child appears unusually upset about going to school, regularly makes excuses, or complains of illnesses, then this needs to be investigated. This is a major warning sign that there is an issue at school.

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To help you monitor your child’s happiness, it is important to talk with your child regularly about school and observe their behaviour for any unusual changes.

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