Layer up your jewellery this winter

Whilst we are all busy adding layers to our outfits this winter to keep warm, now this Arctic blast is upon us, why not also consider layering up your jewellery?

Have you done this before? I’ve seen lots of people layer necklaces and bracelets in the past and thought how lovely it looks. Equally, I’ve seen people do this and thought “wow, there’s way too much going on there”. It’s an easy look to over do, do you agree?

If you have a tendency to be a bit OTT with your jewellery, there’s a very simple trick you can use to avoid overkill. When you think your look is complete, simply remove the last thing you put on. This small trick will keep the original, curated layers as well as the intended sense of ease and simplicity. This way you can embrace the spirit of the layered jewellery look without overwhelming your outfit and weighing yourself down.

Were you ever told as a teen you could either expose your midriff OR your legs, but not both at the same time? My grandmother used to tell me this. Well, it’s a bit like that when it comes to layering jewellery. If you choose to layer your necklaces for example, it may overload your outfit to also add layered bracelets and rings. You want your layered masterpiece to be the focal point of your accessories, so if the rings are the most important leave everything else off, or, if bracelets are your favourite, leave your neck bare.

Wearing too much of everything all at the same time will weigh your look down. This does not mean, however, that you should not wear other kinds of jewellery when you layer your necklaces. You can definitely still wear other kinds of jewellery, without going overboard.

One of the most fun things about playing with layered jewellery ideas is mixing and matching different designs, prints, and styles! Silver layered jewellery is timeless, but long gone are the days of only wearing silver with silver, or gold with gold. I prefer silver, but I’ve seen lots of people mix them up and look great, so be confident enough to just do you!

There is a way to mix all your different styles of jewellery without your look becoming dragged down with accessories. 

For instance, if you have a chunky silver cuff bracelet (one of my favourites) you can stack thinner bracelets to wear with it. You can add a simple silver bangle and a silver chain bracelet. Even though they are all different, they will create a textured, fabulous look.

I LOVE bracelets, however I find they get in the way of life on a normal day, so I stick to only wearing them if we are dressing up and heading out somewhere. I do however have a necklace that I wear all the time. I literally never take it off as it holds four pendants – all of my children’s fingers prints – from when they were babies. It’s very special to me and I like to know it’s always around my neck! I’ve literally only taken if off a handful of times when I’ve absolutely HAD to.

I’ve had to replace the chain a couple of times over the last 16 years. They last pretty well over all, given the wear they get and what they put up with (they’ve survived everything from babies chewing them to toddlers grabbing them, to skiing, jet skiing and zip lining) but the clasps tend to go after a while. Last weekend this happened again – fortunately I had three layering necklaces from Daisy London to choose from as a replacement and the Estée Lalonde Tight Curb Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver turned out to be perfect. I quickly added my fingerprint pendants to the longest of the three chains and they were saved. Very luckily, my previous chain had broken at home. That day I’d been to school twice and to swimming lessons with my children – had it have broken then, I think I would have lost those tiny baby fingerprints which would have been devastating.

Particularly when it comes to necklaces, it’s a good idea to mix things up a bit in terms of weight and density if you want to layer. Try alternating between heavier, statement-making chains and slimmer, daintier ones as you go and you’ll find a natural balance and what feels right for you.

Perhaps the most obvious tip but undoubtedly the most commonly forgotten, wearing several necklaces of the same length does nothing but create a chunky metal mass with the inevitable threat of repetitive tangles – make sure to stagger your lengths! I struggle a bit with very short chains as I feel as if I am being strangled, so I have to make sure I start a bit longer.

Gift Ideas

It’s the season of giving and gifting, so if you are looking for a special gift for Christmas, or even planning gifts for anniversaries, special birthdays or good luck gifts, why not gift some stunning layering pieces.

Daisy London is a much-loved British jewellery brand known for beautiful, everyday jewellery with meaning. Chic classics and new staples, including vintage-inspired styles, responsibly sourced and ethically handcrafted in 100% recycled sterling silver & the highest 18ct gold plate – a great starting place when looking for special gifts.

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