Light up your garden and outdoor space with solar power lights from Quntis

I absolutely love outdoor lighting, but with the cost of living rising and everyone trying to reduce the amount of electricity they use, installing a mains-powered outdoor lighting system is just not cost-efficient right now.

Don’t worry though, if you still fancy installing an outdoor lighting system, I’ve got the perfect solution for you – solar power lights! Not only that, I’ve got a discount code for you, so read on.

solar outdoor lights on pathway

Light it up

Outdoor lighting can look so pretty. Whether you are lighting up your driveway, porch, garden path or garden, well placed lights can make it look lovely. Not to mention, they are super practical if you arrive home in the dark, or want to stay out in the garden later during the warmer months.

Solar lights are most certainly the way forward. Why would you want to pay for something, which can be harnessed from the sun? Don’t have much sun where you are? Not to worry, if you get good quality solar lights you don’t need hot sun to power them, just daylight, so even on a dull or overcast day, they will still be charged.

All solar outdoor lights are not created equal though. You only need to take a look at some Amazon reviews, to discover that some are just not fit for purpose. It can be frustrating shopping around for lights when you don’t even know if they will work for your circumstances, so always read reviews before purchasing.

I’ve recently set up some Quntis Solar Spotlights Outdoor, I used a pack of 4, but these can also be purchased as a two pack. These are the IP65 Waterproof Solar Landscape Spotlights 2-in-1 Adjustable Solar Garden Wall Lights for Pathway, Yard, Patio, Pool, Porch, Walkway, Garage, Lawn, and they come with a light that puts out a cool white light.

outdoor lights

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from these. we have so many areas I’d like to light up in our outdoor space, but I decided to really put these to the test by trying to light up a dark garden pathway which doesn’t get much sunlight.

They were so simple to set up, I set the switch to on and positioned them along the path at various points. When I went out to check them at night, I fully expected a couple of them not to be working as they had not been exposed to much light, but I was wrong and the entire path was beautifully lit up by these fantastic lights.

I’ve now added multiple packs of these to my Amazon basket to scatter all over our garden and outdoor space as I’m just so thrilled with them. If you are looking for outdoor lights I really can’t recommend these enough.

Discount Code

outdoor solar lights

I promised you a discount code at the start of this article, so, for 10% discount on these waterproof and adjustable outdoor spotlights, head to this link: then enter code NGYU9OZX . This code expires on 13.05.2023, so there is plenty of time to get your order in.

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  1. Thank you for the article, I’ll look in to them. I’ve had some successful lights and others that have been rubbish, but I’m looking for some more.

  2. Love like some nice lights could do with a couple outdoor lights for my back garden they look pretty bright.

  3. Great article thanks. Would you be able to put up a photo of what they look like in the daytime when they are not lit up please?

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