Love your Zelf

Are you looking for gift ideas for over 5’s?Are your children into collecting things or would you like them to be?

Have you heard about Zelf’s?

Zelf’s are from an enchanted garden full of surprises called Zardenia. They dwell in different locations of the garden, some in the trees, some among piles of rocks and even in dark corners. They attend Zardenias School Of Rock Garden and swap convo with Witchbrew Bistro.

So what do they do?

Not a great deal really.They are basically little collectable figures much like the trolls of the past. They have jazzy hair and little ones can enjoy styling their hair. Each zelf comes with a charm and a comb.The charm can be worn by the Zelf or the child and that is quite a nice touch. Each Zelf is unique and apparently has a special power that is released when they are loved. 
55372 Storm

They are recommended for age 5 and over which surprised me a little as I think a four year old would be fine but obviously that is up to the discretion of you as parents.

A bit like any other collectable figures, you can purchase various different playsets to go with them, including: A toadstool and a tree house.

You can buy the Zelf’s in different sizes and there are all sorts of additional things such as sticker books etc which can be purchased from the collection.

Cute, fun and certainly collectable …you may find yourselves out run by Zelf’s soon!


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