National Handwriting Day: the benefits of writing over typing

Today is National Handwriting Day! Yes, there is a special day for this, so what better time to give some thought to our own handwriting and that of our children?

Lots of adults tell me these days they don’t write very often, that most of there written words are typed. As I write this, I’m not actually writing am I, all my words are typed.

I do actually still like to write though. Any lists or notes I make are always written down, not typed. In a world where we no longer even have to hand write a birthday card, perhaps we should pause just for a moment and consider the benefits of writing for our children.

The benefits of writing

  1. Writing and drawing by hand increases creativity because we are forced to slow down, consider things and come up with creative ideas.
  2. Writing words out by hand instead of relying on a digital device’s spell check helps to learn and retain.
  3. Handwriting exercises a complex cognitive process involving neuro-sensory experiences and fine motor skills. By feeling the writing surface, holding the writing instrument, and directing precise movement with thought, you give your brain a full workout!
  4. Strong writing skills also improve reading comprehension, the two are intrinsically linked
  5. Children who practice their handwriting have higher levels of literacy and cognitive development. This is likely because as children learn how to quickly translate mental images of letters into a physical form, they begin to understand how letters form sentences and meaning.

Tools for the job

As a parent I love Stabilo products for handwriting. Their products are easy to grip in little hands and comfortable to hold whilst doing homework. Decent equipment not only makes homework less painful, but also produces better results.

The Ergonomic Graphite Pencil is a favourite in our house. The STABILO EASYgraph’s scientifically designed shape has been developed for growing hands, and its triangular design features colour coding for right-handed or left-handed writers and boasts unique non-slip grip moulds.

How much do you write these days? Do you struggle to encourage your children to write?

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