New study reveals the viral TikTok parenting hacks you shouldn’t be living without

A new social media study from gifts and gadgets retailer Menkind reveals TikTok’s top parenting hacks. Ahead of celebrating dads on Father’s Day, the analysis delved into thousands of videos with parenting related hashtags from the last 12 months to uncover the most popular parenting hacks according to the number of times they’ve been played.

Inventive dad hacks lead the way over general parenting hacks

Most popular dad hacks on TikTok
Rank Play Count
1A motorised toy can soothe while you sleep54,100,000
2Turn the car seat into a spaceship launch pad6,300,000
3Shots to help the medicine go down4,200,000
4Hands free bottle feeding for gamer dads2,700,000
5Turbo boost your Allen key for speedy flatpack builds178,800
6Wish your kids a Happy Cheeaster!148,700
7Let your vacuum do all the work – not just the cleaning46,700
8Uninterrupted screentime for toddlers who can’t resist pushing buttons42,900
9Use a plastic rake to tidy up toys17,200
10Attach a lead to the baby walker1,960

The research reveals that dad hacks in particular prove extremely popular with TikTok audiences. The top ten dad hacks alone rack up almost 68 million plays between them which is more than double the interest that general parenting hacks on the social media platform get (just shy of 28 million plays for the top ten parenting hacks).

Sleep-deprived dads will be interested in learning that the most popular dad hack involves a technique that will help them catch up on lost hours of sleep and has caught the attention of TikTok parents worldwide with over 54 million plays.

Mums outrank dads when it comes to ultimate parenting hacks

The study analysed parenting hacks from across multiple categories (including dad hacks, gadget and tech hacks, food hacks etc.) to reveal the most popular TikTok videos from each.

Categories aside, the research also reveals the top ten ultimate hacks, a ranking of the most popular tips and tricks from across all categories and all parenting related hashtags, which is dominated by mums. According to the study, half of this ultimate list is made up of mum hacks with a total of 124 million plays on TikTok overall.

Taking the first position in the ranking is a mum hack with close to 69 million plays, which sees pureed baby food being disguised as squirty cream, the most popular parenting hack on TikTok, according to the data.

Top 10 ultimate TikTok hacks for parents
Rank Play Count
1Pureed food or squirty cream?68,900,000
2A motorised toy can soothe while you sleep54,100,000
3Pool noodles can be used to stop doors slamming50,300,000
4Upgrade their play kitchen36,500,000
5Tell them a star appears on their forehead when they lie28,100,000
6Hook up your pushchair to the shopping trolley15,100,000
7Turn the car seat into a spaceship launch pad14,400,000
8Don’t take them shoe shopping, just cut out their foot!10,500,000
9Clean up sandy feet1,600,000
10Get them spinning for tv time1,600,000

Parenting hacks for safety and well-being are in demand on TikTok

With a play count totalling over 16 million, the top ten gadget and tech related parenting hacks from the study prove extremely popular amongst viewers, with the most popular techy hack relating to parental control over screentime having been played 8 million times.

Rivalling this is the most popular hack from the top ten activities and sports related parenting hacks. With almost 15 million views alone, it’s a water safety hack that attracts parents’ attention and outranks other fun activity hacks like indoor swings (50,100 plays) and DIY ball launchers (1,806 plays).

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