Pass the Pigs competition: win both the original and giant games

One of the games I remember from childhood is Pass the Pigs, and yet I realised the other week it’s not something I’ve ever played with the children. It’s time to put that right and there’s no better time as the iconic game has gone up a notch.

You’ll be snorting with laughter if you bring these fav piggy pals on hols with you this summer. The original party animals, Pass the Pigs, use hilarious pigs for dice. Will you roll a sider or start makin’ bacon? On the road, by the beach, in the park, or just chilling out – the game is on for every pig in the parlour!


A seasoned (but not salted) traveller already, Pass the Pigs, love having fun on the road. Available in the original Pass the Pigs game, which comes in a handy travel case, or even better now the inflatable Giant Pass the Pigs, they are easy to pack and bring along anywhere. I’m so excited about these!


Fantastic fun for the whole family, Pass the Pigs is so easy to play. Simply throw the 2 piggies up in the air and see how they land. Compare the pigs landing positions with your scorecard and earn points, the first to 100 wins.

Ideal for taking away, the Pass the Pigs’s handy travel case pops into any bag with ease. The inflatable Giant Pass the Pigs store away in a handy draw string bag, ready for more piggy fun again and again. Plus the Giant Pass the Pigs double up as adorable inflatable toys for the pool – and are super cool!

Pass the Pigs 

  • Hours of fun are guaranteed with this exciting Pass the Pigs game. Perfect for taking on the road, the Pass the Pigs game comes in a handy travel case, so there’s never a dull moment to be had!
  • Pass the Pigs is a game of skill for 2-6 players, it comes with a handy carry case, 2 pencils, 2 pigs and a pocket-sized score card.
  • Suitable for ages 3+ and available for £9.99rrp.

Giant Pass the Pigs

  • The classic party game Pass The Pigs goes SUPER-SIZE. Perfect for parties, these giant inflatable pigs can bounce around the garden, house, beach or even the pool. It’s Pass The Pigs like you’ve never passed them before!
  • Inflate your pair of porkers, throw them and see how they land. Will you get a Leaning Jowler, a Mixed Combo or will you Pig Out?
  • Suitable for ages 3+ and available for 14.99rrp.

Do you think your family could have fun with these? Stay tuned because we have an exciting competition coming up. This is your chance to win a set of Pass the Pigs AND Giant Pass the Pigs (2 games in total).

All I ask is that you complete the widget below to enter. UK entrants only please. Good luck!

Win Pass the Pigs AND Giant Pass the Pigs

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  1. I would play it with my whole family- niece, brother, sister, mum. I imagine we’d have a proper giggle.

  2. Everyone, but I would especially love to introduce the little ones to the game. It has been a favourite of mine for decades and I still have a rather battered set from years ago.

  3. my children my neices my godchildren it looks so good even all the kids in the street can come x

  4. Me and my other half love Pass The Pigs! Reminds me of being a kid, my mum & dad used to have it and we loved spending a rainy afternoon playing it!

  5. My two children are probably a bit too old for this game so I would enjoy playing it with my partners 4 children on a sunday as its family day when no tech is allowed lol

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