Share With Me #30

Welcome to the Share With Me Blog Hop where I have enjoyed linking up for a long time now myself. After almost three years, the lovely Jenny from Letโ€™s Talk Mommy has decided she needs to pass the reins due to work and family commitments. Iโ€™m the lucky girl who now has those reins and feel very flattered that Jenny asked me.

I do hope you will stick with #sharewithme and continue to join in each week. Jenny will be linking when she can and still visiting your lovely blogs I am sure.

Feel free to contact me at @MummyFever or if you need to with any issues.

My favourite post from last week came from the utterly hilarious Frenchie Mummy – she linked the post “How to cook a great Bล“uf Bourguignon in 7 simple steps“. If you haven’t read any of her blog yet, you HAVE to pop over, she’s rapidly becoming a favourite of mine.

The Rules:

  • Please read the rules
  • Link up to TWO posts each week
  • Please add the badge to the posts you link, or a linkback to Mummy Fever
  • Tweet your link to me @MummyFever using the #sharewithme hashtag if you would like and I will RT
  • Comment on the HOST post and at least two others
  • If you get a chance share a couple of other posts via twitter โ€“ sharing is caring right?
  • All genres are welcome

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