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Starting or reviving a business? Need a logo fast? Logojoy could be the answer

Starting a business can be a minefield. So many things to consider and you feel as if you are constantly weighing up the pros and cons of, well, everything.

If you aren’t careful, the business that you were once super excited about becomes a total ball ache and you stop being excited about it.

One of the more exciting parts of setting up business is having your logo and brand developed. The trouble with this is that it can become costly and also take time, meaning that you might end up delaying your work whilst you wait for your brand.

What if…here me out, you could have a logo you love in literally a few minutes? Instantly, that business of yours has an image, a style and you can get started on the actual, well, WORK!

make your own logo

Logojoy can offer you this. The process is so simple and actually lots of fun too. You start off with some inspiration and select some of the logos you like. Choosing five or more will give you a decent selection. Just scroll through and find something that catches your eye.

design a logo

The next step is to select the colours you want. You can select any you like, but I would recommend keeping to a couple of boards as it helps to develop the type of look you are going for.

design a logo

Next up are the symbols. You can select and add up to five symbols. This is the part I found the hardest as there were non I really liked or I felt represented my slogan. When I searched ‘family’ for example I couldn’t find a symbol that represented our family of two adults and four children, so I chose to skip this section. The site is flexible enough to allow this, so it didn’t cause any problems.

design a logo

The next stage is the exciting part, scrolling through all the logo ideas that have been generated for you, based on the selections you have made. There were loads to choose from and the beauty is that if you like a logo but not the colour scheme or font, you have the option to change all that at the next stage.

design a logo

It quite literally takes minutes to create something, but obviously if you have more time feel free to procrastinate for hours on end. There are three different pricing tiers, of which I would recommend the middle, unless you feel you need the other elements. I can see the social media kit that comes with the higher priced packaged being advantageous.

design a logo

Whilst you download your new logo, the site allows you to explore how your new creation might look in a range of formats, which I feel really brings it to life.

design a logo

It is such an easy process and the speed and service are first class. You can create all sorts, but here’s what I did in less than ten minutes.

fast logo design

The beauty is that with even the middle of the road package you can log back in an make edits – what a useful service! When setting up and getting started in business is such a minefield it is so refreshing to come across companies like this who can make such a difference without ripping you off.

This, my friends is most certainly a winner!

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