Hectic weekday nights: how to feed the tribe

During term time the weekdays are characterised by lots of dashing about, a ton of activities, work, homework, racing here and there and generally a splash of madness.

busy tribe

To make sure we all survive the week intact, planning and preparation are the key for me. That goes right through from laying uniform out the night before, to having bags by the door (or in the car the night before if I’m feeling super organised), right through to tons of meal preparation.

I spend time chopping up things like cucumbers, carrots, strawberries and so on and pop them in tubs in the fridge. This saves bags of time each day and I can use them for both lunchboxes and other meals. I am also a huge fan of batch cooking and I normally have a big batch cooking session once a month. I cook a range of tasty and healthy meals for both the children and the adults and freeze them. This saves a huge amount of time during the week, and I still feel happy that all tummies are getting what they need.

Of course though, there are days, we all have them don’t we? When everyone is wanting to eat at different times due to a range of commitments, or maybe someone needs to eat on the go between activities, or, just those days when suddenly I find myself out of the pre-done batch-cooked meals.

For those days, something like the new range of Chicago Town pizzas is ideal. The Pizza Kitchen pizzas come in four tasty deli-style toppings and the dough tastes like tiger bread (something my tribe love).

hectic family nights

The four flavours: Cheese Medley, Deli Pepperoni, Roasted Chicken and Garden Vegetables, should mean there is something for everyone. Although I do wish they also did a Gluten Free version so I could enjoy one too.

The Pizza Kitchen offers a tasty meal solution from the freezer just when you need it. What’s your most hectic day of the week? You could make that Pizza Kitchen day! You’ll have full tummies, big smiles and clean plates all round. These are an ideal addition to that hectic week – and you won’t even be left with a ton of pizza crusts as, even the kids love the crusts!

hectic family nights

So basically, a ton of batch-cooked meals, a ton of pre-chopped fruit and vegetables and a stack of these deli-style pizzas and that’s me all set up to feed the tribe for a month.

These are also great to have in for when those growth spurts hit and suddenly the children start eating everything in sight. You know those days that come along every so often, when nothing seems to fill them up? Having some of these tasty pizzas to hand might just prevent them gnawing on the furniture.

The Pizza Kitchen

How do you feed your tribe? Do you prepare in advance for those busy weekdays too? Have you tried The Pizza Kitchen range? What topping would you enjoy the most?

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