Sustainable gifts and homeware

I love to see things being repurposed. I’m a massive fan of things made out of old scaffolding boards and pallets for example. I saw some wonderful projects that people completed with things like this in lockdown.

I’ve recently been introduced to the environmentally conscious brand Wax / Wine – a brand that uses nothing but natural ingredients in the process of making scented candles with essential oils. All the products are repurposed as the brand use wine bottles from bars and restaurants in East London to create lamps, candle holders and jars. How fantastic is that? I love it!

So far, since the brand started up, 1600 bottles have been repurposed!

Tell me more

Nothing but natural ingredients are used in the making process of these products: the best quality plant based wax, 100% essential oils, cork lids and crackling wooden wicks. The products are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also toxin free. The brand believe strongly in working with nature, and not against it, so no nasties are added! 

The product range includes glasses, lamps, candles, home décor, and more. The idea to minimise carbon footprint and reduce waste by repurposing glass bottles into highly appealing lifestyle products is the owners passion and mission. How wonderful is that!

At the moment you get a free candle holder/vase with every item purchased and there is free shipping on order over £40.

The candles

There are some lovely candles to choose from, all with some gorgeous scents, which will fill your home. You can choose from things like: citronella and lemongrass; eucalyptus and cedarwood; juniper and lemongrass; and lots more. Lemongrass is a personal favourite of mine, it’s really refreshing and invigorating without being overpowering I think. Whatever your preferred type of scent, you can be sure to find one to suit you.

There is also a candle refill service and candle refill kit, to make these even more sustainable.

The glasses

I absolutely LOVE the idea of these! These glasses are repurposed out of wine bottles – a beautiful eco-statement piece that looks great on dining tables, garden parties, and just about everywhere. You can choose from 2 different sizes 10 oz or 12 oz.

The lamps

What about a lamp made out of a wine bottle? You can get those too! These statement table lamps are made from a magnum size wine bottle. The bottles have been collected and recycled from a venue in east London before being repurposed into their new life.

If you are looking for sustainable gifts or items for your home, do take a look and this wonderful business!

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