Enjoy the sun safely and stay wrinkle free

The sun is out – how long it will last we don’t know, but here’s hoping for a decent amount of sunshine this summer! Are you looking after your skin during the hot weather? Whilst many of use religiously apply sun cream to our bodies, many people neglect their face.

Leading skin care specialists, skinChemists have launched a new range of skin care essentials in its recently launched Youth Series range.   

Two new multifunctional SPF moisturisers have been developed, all designed to help not only protect your skin this summer, but also leave it feeling super hydrated and help you beat wrinkles as you enjoy some summer sun. Sounds good doesn’t it!

Youth Series Wrinkle Killer, SPF 30 Sun Protection Day Cream RRP £24.99 and Youth Series Wrinkle Killer, SPF 50 Sun Protection Day Cream RRP £34.99, go beyond being a typical moisturiser with added SPF.  

What’s special about these creams?

Each cream is specially focused on the SPF points, offering long lasting protection from harmful UV Rays, whilst also keeping wrinkles at bay. After all we all know the sun can cause wrinkles, and this one-of-a-kind day cream ensures that your skin stays both wrinkle free and sun damage free.  

Whether going on holiday, or enjoying the current British heatwave, a good SPF isn’t just part of a skin care regime, it should be the one key part, even on cloudy days; which is more often than not in the UK. I’ve been wearing SPF daily, all year around for several years now, hoping that that will pay off when it comes to the health and ageing rate of my skin.

Made with mineral filters and chemical filters to literally freeze wrinkles and aid in protecting against the broad solar spectrum.  This magical combination not only protects against UVB radiation, which causes us to burn, but against the entire ultraviolet spectrum – against visible light including blue and infrared light. All of which can cause premature ageing of the skin, erythema and even skin cancer.  

skinChemists are considered experts in skincare and they know that good skin care comes from years of experience and is rooted in science. The brand is committed to delivering real results, hailing from founder Richard Walker’s own father, who developed one of the first results driven moisturiser in the 1960’s.  

Fast forward to 2022 and Richard has developed an SPF, years in the making, to offer a cream that is multifunctional and works.  

Unlike other SPFs, that often leave white marks upon application or have a heavy SPF smell, this day cream is unscented and leaves no residue making it suitable for all skin tones.  

Youth Series Wrinkle Killer, SPF 30 Sun Protection Day Cream and Youth Series Wrinkle Killer, SPF 50 Sun Protection Day Cream RRP are both available at www.skinchemists.com or www.feelunique.com .

What I thought

This is a really nice cream. It seemed really thick on first application, but a little goes a long way. It feels light on the skin and is a good base under make up too. I’ve been using it on my hands as well as my face as the sun can rapidly age our hands too, and like the face, they receive the most exposure to the sun and UV rays.

Using a cream like this offers you the confidence that you are taking care of your skin in the sun, something we all need to be mindful of.


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