Things To Do When Your Children Have Gone To Bed

I remember when I had my first baby, because she wasn’t the best sleeper, the first nights when she did sleep were the hardest, it was like I forgot how to be a human, paralysed by the fact that I actually had a bit of time to do something else. Thinking of what to do when you are not looking after the baby is for some reason such a challenge (aside from sleep yourself that is), so what are some of the best things to do?

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Films and TV Shows

The obvious thing to do is to start a new TV show or watch some films. You have probably read this and started to roll your eyes thinking that this list is useless but, hear me out. When my first child was born I completely forgot that films and TV shows existed because all I was thinking about was looking after my baby, so I expect some other parents to have the same issue.

Watching a good long series to keep you distracted after a full day of looking after your baby is something that could last for a while and be fun for you. There are loads of good things on these days at the click of a button, you don’t even have to deal with a DVD player like I did back then. I love a series that keeps me engaged – what are your favourites? Share them with others in a comment below. With films, try some comedies to keep you energised and excited after a tiring day


Playing games is not something I do or have ever done, but I know plenty of people who enjoy this. Whether it is playing games like Hogwarts Legacy on the PlayStation or playing a different type of game like 49ers Lotto on Boylesports does wonders on keeping you busy and switching your mind off when you have some free time. 

Get Some Work Done

Obviously, this may be different depending on your situation and the age of your child. I have worked from home since my eldest was about three years old. I would do some work when my baby was asleep or when I had a spare hour or two. This isn’t everyone’s situation, and it’s certainly not the easy option, but for some this is their juggle.


Reading is one of the best things to do when you have some spare time because it is good for you mentally as well as being fun and relaxing. It is known for being able to give people better sleep and really calm you down and there is nothing as tiring as having a newborn disturbing your sleep so this could be the perfect thing for you. If you don’t like to read, try audio books, I get through around two books a month, by listening on the go and I love it.


You could do this alone or with your partner but either way, it is a good thing to keep you distracted and feeling good. Not only does it help mentally and make your body feel better but it is something that could be a hobby for years to come. Working out is one of the few hobbies that actually can show results and give you some positive effects in your everyday life. It could be something as simple as walking, or yoga at home, or a short workout with a kettle bell. Just do what you can, when you can, without adding pressure to yourself.

Having something fun to do is good for you mentally and could help physically. Of course, there are tons of other things you could do if these aren’t for you, you could learn to bake or do some puzzles or find something completely different.

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