Top Ways to See a Place While Travelling

Travel is more than simply visiting a new place. When we travel, we want to experience it fully, immerse ourselves in its culture, enjoy new cuisines and create unforgettable memories.  

Exploring exotic new places is exciting, but can be daunting for those who want to discover a place in the most authentic way possible. From walking tours and cycling tours to bus tours, boat tours, and self-guided tours, the possibilities are endless. 


To help you, here are some of the best ways to see a place while travelling, and how each of these options can help you create a deeper connection with the destination, making your trip more enjoyable, memorable and experiential. Here are some of the best ways to see a new place while crossing off major bucket list items: 

Travel the unbeaten path on a walking tour 

Want to walk like a local? Exploring a new place and getting a feel for the local culture by foot is a great way to experience a new place while getting your steps in. Walking tours are usually led by local guides who can provide interesting insights into the history, architecture, and lifestyle of the place.

Bus tours

Bus tours are a convenient way to see a wider region, especially if you’re short on time or mobility is an issue. They are often led by knowledgeable guides who know the area well, can provide commentary and answer questions. Want to cover more ground in less time, meeting locals and travellers along the way? A bus tour may be a good option for you. 

Motorcycle tours

Motorcycling is another fun and eco-friendly way to explore a new place. You can cover more ground than walking and experience the local scenery and landmarks up close. International travel is soaring, and one of the most exciting and freeing way to experience it is thought to be on the seat of a motorcycle (although not very family-friendly). Through groups like EagleRider, you can rent a variety of bikes to ride independently or go through one of their many group tours around the world as international locations are now accepting credits to be redeemed by Club EagleRider members.  Customized tours are lead by experienced guides are exclusively offered to club members at most international destinations to showcase the breathtaking landscapes and cultural sites from a completely unique perspective. 

Boat tours

pirate life Toronto

Local boat tours and cruises provide something different for all and often make multiple stops. If the place you’re visiting is on or near water, a boat tour is a great option. It’s a unique perspective that allows you to see the landscape from a different angle and appreciate the natural beauty of the area you’re visiting.

Some cities, like Toronto, have themed boat tours. Last summer we went on a wonderful pirate ship around Toronto harbour, with great views.

Food tours

guilty pleasure foods

Food tours are a fun and delicious way to explore a new place. You’ll get to sample the local cuisine and learn about the cultural significance of different dishes and ingredients. Attending cultural events and festivals can also be a great way to experience the local cuisine and traditions. You’ll get to see traditional dances, music performances, and other celebrations that are unique to the place you’re visiting. 

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