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We have four little bookworms at home. I’ve said before what a big deal bedtime reading is, and it’s such a big deal that the children always manage to smuggle books to bed to read underneath covers late at night.

There are two new Ivy Kids titles, On the Plane and On the Space Station, which are perfect for this. These are the newest books in the best-selling and innovative Shine-A-Light series, published in January 2016 and suitable for children aged 3+.

shine a light

The Shine-A-Light books are an interactive treat for young children, who are encouraged to hold a torch behind the page to reveal a secret scene, all while teaching them, through beautiful illustrations and words, how things work.

I feel as if we have discovered the perfect under the covers reading recently with these wonderful books. I have to say that the children were much better at this than me and I kept putting the torch in the wrong place. “Leave it to me Mummy” erm yes, perhaps I should! If you have a secret under the covers reader they might enjoy these too!


I’m pleased to tell you we have a competition for two Mummy Fever readers to win a copy of both of these lovely books. Just complete the easy widget below.

Good luck!

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  1. I like flying …but I don’t like the stress of getting to the airport on time and going through security.

  2. I did until my lung collapsed a few years back and I couldn’t fly for a while. now I’m terrified, but I did fly this year, as it wasn’t flying which caused the collapse!

  3. No, I am terrible! I hate flying. I have been on plenty of holidays when I was little and didn’t like it. I tried again about 2 years ago thinking now I am older It might be less scary. I was wrong. I cried all the way through could not relax at all! I have promised myself I’ll never get on another plane again but I think of all the places of the world I am missing out on. 🙁

  4. I love planes, have flown thousands of miles over many years until I suddenly got scared of flying and I will not ever set foot on a plane ever again!

  5. Haven’t flown since 2000 when we came back from Jamaica & I was incredibly ill during the flight. They had to open the emergency medical kit for me & it has sort of put me off flying since. I used to enjoy it so will have to do a shoty flight to Europe to try & re-ignite my passion.

  6. So long as I’m in a comfortable spot, I enjoy flying. That’s good because I have to fly to see my family.

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