Unsurprisingly, wood furniture is popular for contemporary interior design – here is why

Wood is a natural material that enhances the charm of interior spaces. Wooden furniture adds personality to any home because it’s made of materials that contain intricate configurations and patterns. It can also easily be mixed with other materials like glass, leather, stone, or fabrics because it balances their features. 

You don’t have to be an avid outdoorsy individual to want to welcome Mother Nature into your home because you’re aware it will blanket your home with a sense of calmness. You’re not the first homeowner who wants to integrate natural materials into interior design; the concept is quite old. However, you might be built differently than your predecessors because chances are you are interested in promoting sustainability. Wood allows you to feel closer to nature at home while minimising your impact on the environment. 

Why is wood among the most popular materials used in contemporary interior design?

Interior designers have often compared wood to wine because they find it to look better with age as wine becomes richer. It’s basically impossible for wood to lose its beauty when cared for and maintained properly. The interior design market provides a wide range of modern materials, but wood remains homeowners’ favourite material. What makes them choose it every time? If you’re considering cedar siding, you might wonder, “is it hard to maintain cedar siding?”

Wood has been used in interior design since forever – from furniture to flooring. Alongside its numerous use cases, it also has several characteristics that make homeowners’ lives easier. 

– It stands the test of time because it’s durable and strong

– It’s very versatile, and both professional crafters and DIY fans can use it for various purposes

– Depending on the type of wood, you can benefit from unique properties. Each type of wood has a series of characteristics that enable you to infuse your home with personality. 

– Wood is a natural material, and nowadays, you can ensure it comes from responsibly managed sources so that you can protect the planet’s resources. 

Interior designers have always promoted wood as a material suitable to be integrated into all styles. However, over the last couple of years sustainability has become a paramount trend, and architects and interior designers make efforts to integrate the biophilic design principles in all constructions. Welcoming wooden elements and natural plants into houses is the easiest way to create a connection with nature and achieve the same sense of calmness and peace people have outdoors. 

The contemporary interior design trend promotes the use of wood for multiple reasons, but mainly because it works amazingly with any other material. Similarly to natural plants, wood has the power to alleviate stress, so it’s advisable to use natural wood surfaces if you want to achieve an interior design that improves mental health. 

Discussing the benefits of wood in interior design in detail

Wood is durable

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

I mentioned earlier that wood is one of the most durable materials, so it’s understandable why it has been listed among interior designers’ favourites. But it’s essential to note that, as with any natural material, it requires proper care, and applying wood furniture varnish can make a difference in the long run. Make sure you pick the right treatment for the type of wood you use in interior design because when used in wet areas like the bathroom, it requires special care. You can consult the recommendations Rubio Monocoat provides, their website being an educative resource if you want to learn more about wood maintenance.            

Wood is affordable

When I say wood is an affordable material, I don’t mean that it’s the most low-cost option available on the market, but considering its features and durability in relation to its price. Wood has one of the best price-quality ratios when it comes to construction materials – and it can be used for multiple use cases, from installing flooring to creating accent walls and building furniture items. 

Wood is a sustainable resource

Specialists believe that using wood in interior design is less damaging to the environment than relying on other man-made materials that could turn toxic. Additionally, processing releases a lower quantity of carbon, which is beneficial for both people’s health and the environment. 

Because it’s widely used in construction and interior design, the industry promotes the idea of using only wood from sustainable sources. 

Wood can be integrated into any interior design style

Photo by Nathan Riley on Unsplash

Wood has a pleasant appearance, but its benefits go beyond its look. When brought indoors, it can enhance a space’s warmth, charm, and connection with nature. Regardless of the area of the house where it’s used, it makes a superb choice, especially in a contemporary home where it adds a delicate touch. If you pay attention to details and use the right amount of wooden elements, you can transform your house into a sanctuary that promotes relaxation. 

In case you prefer bolder design trends, you can still enjoy wood’s benefits by personalising it through painting. 

How can you integrate wood into a contemporary home

Use wood to tone down a bold interior design

You can create a coordinated modern space if you balance bold elements with the warmth of wood. Suppose you picked a couch in a bright colour; you can use a wooden coffee table to anchor the design of the room and make the couch look less overwhelming. The same coffee table can also tone down a heavily patterned rug. 

Use coloured wooden elements

Wood is a versatile material, so you can play with the elements you bring inside. Suppose you opted for major wood furniture elements; you can still use wood decorations, but pick ones in brighter colours to spice up the design. Painted wooden elements can become focal pieces when you place them in nude-coloured spaces. 

Mix wood with other materials

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Wood works great with any other material, so you can use it to create layers. In a contemporary design, it can be used together with natural or manufactured materials to create balance. Suppose you want to use wood in the kitchen; you can pair it with marble to welcome as many natural materials indoors as possible. 

Wood has an endless attractiveness, so it’s only natural for homeowners to want to integrate it into any design style. Taking into consideration the multitude of ways wood can be used in your home can help you figure out the best look for your home. Ranging from the best book cases, beds and wardrobes to even simple stuff like the best table leg design. Natural materials can be used in a plethora of ways.

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