How to Choose Wrapping Paper for Different Personality Types

Gift-giving is an art form, and like all art, it’s the thought and personalisation that truly make it special. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to personalise a gift is through the choice of wrapping paper. Believe it or not, the wrapping paper can speak volumes about the thought you’ve put into the gift, especially when it matches the personality of the person receiving it. Let’s dive into how you can select the perfect wrapping paper for different personality types, turning every gift into a memorable experience.

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The Creative Soul

For those who live and breathe creativity, opt for wrapping paper that’s as unique and imaginative as they are. Look for abstract designs, vibrant patterns, or paper featuring artwork from their favourite artists. Handmade or DIY wrapping paper, perhaps with a touch of paint or a custom stamp design, can also resonate well, showing that you’ve put thought and effort into every aspect of their gift.

The Minimalist

Minimalists appreciate simplicity and functionality, so when selecting wrapping paper for them, think clean lines, subtle colours, and understated elegance. Monochromatic themes or simple geometric patterns in neutral colours can perfectly complement their aesthetic. Consider using high-quality paper with a matte finish to add a touch of sophistication.

The Nature Lover

For those who find solace in the great outdoors, choose wrapping paper that reflects their love for nature. Papers with floral patterns, animal prints, or landscape imagery can instantly connect with their passion. Eco-friendly wrapping options, such as recycled paper or paper, will also be greatly appreciated and will align with their environmental values. Check out this wrapping paper online store for recycled and premium materials.

The Glam Enthusiast

For the friend who adores all things glamorous and isn’t afraid to stand out, select wrapping paper that’s as bold and sparkly as their personality. Think metallic finishes, glitter, and rich, saturated colours. Patterns that evoke luxury, like marble textures or gold foil accents, will surely make their heart skip a beat.

Should You Pay Attention to Wrapping Paper Thickness?

You’re shopping around for wrapping paper, and one thing stands out. There are differences in thickness. You find that some of the cheaper designs use thinner paper, while the thickness is greater on more expensive wrapping paper. The real question is: does it really matter?

The answer is yes. While this can seem like a small detail and one that’s insignificant, it can have a big part to play in the unwrapping experience. Arguably, the thickness is just as important as the pattern itself. Let’s look closer at why you must pay attention to the thickness.

Better Handling and Durability

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Thicker wrapping paper is better for both you and the recipient to handle. First, you can easily wrap gifts without it breaking and ripping accidentally. It has an added durability, which makes it simple to present gifts. Then, the recipient is going to notice the thickness. The texture is improved, and it feels luxurious. It can show that you’ve put in a lot of effort, and they’ll know you’ve not gone cheap. What’s more, the gift is less likely to rip in transit and get damaged, meaning it will be presented perfectly to your loved one.

Designs are Improved

Have you ever seen wrapping paper that looks wonderful online, only for it to arrive and be poor quality? The images might be blurry, or the colours less vibrant than you thought. This can be down to printing on low-quality paper. The same can’t be said for thicker variations. This is often able to provide sharper and more colourful patterns. Therefore, it’s going to feel and look better for giving to friends, family and partners.

Understand the Number

Wrapping paper companies will provide you with a number when referring to thickness. Know that the lower the number, the thinner the paper is. For example, you’ll find that 15# is much thinner compared to paper that’s 40#. If you want to enjoy the benefits of thick wrapping paper and create a luxurious unwrapping experience, you can look at 70#. Only the best companies will provide this.

Pay Attention to the Type of Wrapping Paper

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Note that you can get different types of wrapping paper, including coated and uncoated. For example, coated paper will have a treatment applied to it, meaning it has a smooth surface and great printability and can offer moisture resistance. Then, you’ve got uncoated wrapping paper, which is an eco-friendly option with a lovely natural texture. Note that if you go for the latter, you must ensure that it has a good thickness so that it doesn’t tear easily.


The wrapping paper you choose is more than just a cover for your gift; it’s a prelude to the thoughtfulness inside and an expression of your relationship with the recipient. By matching the wrapping paper to their personality, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re giving a piece of joy that reflects how well you know and appreciate them. So next time you’re selecting wrapping paper, take a moment to consider the personality of the person you’re gifting to.

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