Watching your savings grow: Iceland Bonus Card and Christmas saving

So, Christmas is fast approaching, it’s there, I’ve said it now…sorry!

Anyway, there’s no doubt it’s an expensive time of year, but if you are into forward planning you might want to listen up. Have you heard of the Iceland bonus card? Think loyalty card and you are on the right track, but as loyalty cards go, the Iceland Bonus Card is right up there with the best of them, and now more than ever.

What’s it all about?

The Iceland Bonus Card is a savings card. You can pick one up in store, and then you just need to register it online, which is super easy to do. You don’t collect points, like some loyalty cards, instead, every time you go shopping either in-store or on-line, you can add money to your Bonus Card and save money towards your expensive Christmas shopping trip. Sounds good right?

Make your money go further by getting yourself an Iceland Bonus Card

Save money for Christmas

A few pounds a week can make all the difference when it comes to spending at Christmas. Just think, you can then purchase all your party food with the savings. Iceland excel themselves when it comes to party food, with things like these yummy Chicken & Chorizo Cups (a favourite of ours) – did you know that at the moment if you buy any three packs of party food you get a tub of Swizzels Sweets FREE. So, not only are you saving for Christmas with your bonus card and stocking up your freezer for party season, but you’ve also got a tub of sweets at the ready to give out to all those trick or treaters soon.

Chicken and Chorizo Cups from iceland

More benefits

That’s not the end of it though…no! There’s an extra bonus until 29th October 2017. Normally, with the Iceland Bonus Card, for every £20 you save, Iceland will give you an extra pound for FREE. During the special offer however, new customers will also receive and extra £1 free bonus for every £20 they save on their card.

So basically what I’m telling you is that it’s a no brainier really – when else do you get FREE money?

Although this extra offer is time-limited, there are other benefits to having an Iceland Bonus Card. The Bonus Card gives you access to exclusive special offers, a special treat on your birthday, and free home delivery when you shop in store and spend over £20.


What else?

If that wasn’t enough of course, Iceland are frozen food specialists and there is of course the #PowerofFrozen to consider. Less waste, less preparation time, freezing in the nutrients early and of course overall general convenience. We have all been conditioned for so long to think that fresh is always best, but unless it’s home grown or from your local farm shop, that’s not always the case.

Iceland Macaroons

Also, Iceland often have things you can’t find anywhere else – like a 9 pack of Ghost Ice Lollies, ideal for Halloween, and these cute 12 pack of Macaroons, perfect for a party or family movie night.

What would you use your bonus card for?


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