Wax Melts for the home

I’ve always loved candles but discovered the beauty of wax melts a few years ago and I just love them. I do however prefer the ones where the smell fills the room, rather than those where you have to practically burn your nose on the wax to smell them!

I’ve recently been introduced to Teddy Eva Scents and their subscription box of wax melts. They very kindly sent me a sample box to try out for myself. If you don’t already, please head over to Instagram and follow this husband and wife team and their fantastic small business- they are utterly hysterical, sharing the highs and lows of parenting, as well as all their lovely products. A few posts in and you’ll wish Ross and Rachel were your ‘friends’ – pun totally intended!

Back to wax melts! If you sign up to the wax melts subscription box (£17.99 per month), here is the kind of thing you can expect. Four packs of wax melts of different scents and some tasty treats to enjoy. My children devoured all the ‘extras’ in our lovely box before I even had a chance to photograph it all, but there were some fruit pastilles, a large Areo bar, a Freddo and some other bits and bobs, which the children thoroughly enjoyed– all the wax melts I was sent smell absolutely lush and fill the room with the scent. ‘Fresh Unstoppable’ for example smells like fresh laundry and makes the whole room smell clean and fresh. ‘Pomegranate & Cherry Blossom’ smells like a yummy desert or your favourite fruity kitchen cleaner – I absolutely LOVE this one.

There are literally tons of scents on the website to choose from if you don’t fancy a subscription box, you can just try out a few of the scents you like the sound of. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, from brittle you can break apart yourself, to cute little teddys and tubs. It’s going to take you a while to get through all the scents, so you better make a start. There are a range of price points to explore, so really something for every pocket.

Baby power, lemon sherbet, raspberry ripple, lemon & lavender, sage & sea salt, to name just a few. You will be able to find something to fit every season and every mood.

If you do fancy a subscription box, relax in the knowledge that each month has a different theme. The next one of which will be Valentine’s of course.

My favourite thing about the wax melts has to be that they are made by a small business. Busy parents like me, just trying to find a reasonable balance of family and work life. That alone is a good enough reason to support Ross & Rachel. Well done guys!

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