Wetsuits for kids: what to consider

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I first began using wetsuits for my children when they were babies taking baby swimming classes. Like many parents over the years I’ve bought my fair share of Splash About baby wraps, Happy Nappies and Baby Wraps. These products were great when the children were small and I even used their wetsuits when they were too big for the other Splash About items. You can still sell these on easily on eBay, as so many parents still want to use them for their children.

As the children have got older I’ve continued to buy wetsuits. We live close to the beach so they have always been well used because of this, but the younger boys have also worn them for swimming lessons. The pool is often very cold and when children are learning to swim, the temperature of the water can be enough to put them off!

Avoid distractions from the cold and pop them in a wetsuit for their swimming lessons – simple shift, but not being cold can make a huge difference when small children are learning to swim.

When you are looking for a wetsuit for your child, there are a few things to consider. Spend time looking for good deals and read the reviews. Check the wetsuits you are looking at have a UV filter/UV protection. Not only is this really important, but it can also massively help as it’s a large area of their body you won’t have to apply sunscreen to if they do wear them during water fights at home or swimming on holiday or at your local beach.

At the moment I love the little boys Mountain Warehouse Wetsuits – I bought these last Christmas as they had grown out of their other ones and I’m so glad I did. They use them for swimming lessons because they get quite cold in the pool, but then use them at the beach as well. They are thick enough to keep them warm and keep the chill off, but thin enough that they can move well in them and not overheat on a hot day. These really were a great buy and they are well priced too.

There are loads of kids shorty wetsuits around for you to choose from, look for no underarm seams if your children are especially sensitive to how fabrics feel.

If your children are into water sports, enjoy spending a long time in the water, or want to go in rivers, lakes and so on outside of the warmest months of the year, you will need to consider a kids full length wetsuit

New Boys Girls 3mm Full Length Wetsuit Warm Wetsuit Kids Surf Swimming Wetsuit. Something with a wind-proof chest and back panel and
anti-Rub neck, wrist and ankle openings would be ideal! Look for a decent thickness of fabric as well as that will increase the warmth of the suit.

You could also get wetsuit socks and wetsuit gloves if you want to keep them extra warm in the water. For a deeper dive into the world of water sports and to explore a variety of activities that children can enjoy, consider visiting Splash Sports for inspiration and information

If you have a competitive swimmer in the family, you may need to look into open water wetsuits. We really like the Orca wetsuits, these are super quality and they come in a range of shapes and sizes. They do a great range of adults wetsuits as well.


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