What Are Some of the Most Common Birth Complications for Mothers?

There are many birth complications someone giving birth can experience. We’re here to talk about some of them.

Giving birth can be a physically traumatic process for many people. A pregnant person can often experience complications that put them at risk of injuries and long-term damage. Some mothers injured at birth find their circumstances can be caused by medical negligence.

It’s important to understand what injuries can occur during birth in order to know if you need to make a claim. Let’s take a look at the most common birth complications, and identify which problems can be caused by medical negligence.

Vaginal Tearing

The vaginal area and surrounding tissue can be torn during the delivery process due to excessive force or stretching. If it does happen, it can be extremely painful and dangerous.

There are some vaginal tears which can heal on their own. However, there are situations where the medical provider can help to repair the damage with stitches. This can happen if the person has either had an episiotomy, which is a surgical cut between the anus and vagina or if the tear is simply more severe than expected.

Excessive Bleeding

Excessive bleeding is one of the most common birth complications a person can experience. If the uterus tears during the delivery process or does not contract properly to deliver the placenta, then there can be heavy bleeding. This type of excessive bleeding can be the leading cause of death during childbirth and is especially prevalent in countries where resources are scarce.

Slower Labour

There are many situations where labour can take longer than expected. There are situations where contractions can weaken, which can slow down the birth process. As are result, if the cervix doesn’t dilate properly or in a fast enough time, the infant can become stuck in their descent through the birth canal.

If the labour isn’t progressing quickly, then a medical provider can give medication to the person giving birth to force the contractions to increase or induce labour quickly. Alternatively, it may be necessary to have a caesarean section delivery.

Damage to Organs During Caesarean Surgery

If a surgeon fails to provide the proper standards of care during a caesarean surgery, then it is possible to damage the body. The bladder can often be damaged by improper surgical technique during this process.

Injuring the Baby

The risks surrounding medical negligence can often extend to the child as well as the parent. Improper medical care can result in the baby being injured due to a few different things. If a medical provider restricts oxygen supply to the baby, then it can be born with conditions like cerebral palsy. It can also be possible to damage the baby physically during the birth, such as by using forceps to help deliver it.


Forceps are, on their own, enough of a potential risk to warrant a specific mention. Forceps are still used as the delivery aid of choice in many hospitals and deliveries, and they can impact how injuries develop.

If forceps are not used correctly, then there can be damage to both the baby and the parent. People giving birth can experience ongoing pain, lacerations, damage to the bladder and urethra, and incontinence. The child can experience brain damage, facial palsy, swelling and bruising.

Understanding the Risks of Birth Complications

There are many birth complications which can affect a person giving birth and impact both them and their child. Some of these issues are simply complications which naturally develop, and there are others which are the fault of medical negligence.

The severity of birth complications can vary on a case-by-case basis. Some minor injuries can heal naturally, and others will require medical intervention. It’s normal to experience embarrassment and anger when medical negligence causes injuries. There are many situations where you can make a claim.

Many medical injuries caused by birth complications can have long-lasting, if not permanent, consequences for your body and physical health. There are other medical issues which can arise during birth, but these are some of the most common. Many of these problems are also the fault of medical negligence.

The information contained within this article has been designed to be for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legitimate medical advice. Always consult with a trained medical professional to identify any injuries sustained by birth complications and to assess medical negligence.

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