10 Benefits of Eating Green Vegetables Daily

According to the Kenyans, men are doing financially well when they have ditched the vegetables for fish, meat, and chicken. These foods can provide essential nutrients, but, still, they can’t supplement the nutrients provided by the vegetables.

Green vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. They will help you in increasing the strength of your immune system. Also, these vegetables are rich in fibre, and they will help you with better digestion.

Green vegetables and fruits will help you with weight management. Fibre will also slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. This will help you in controlling the sugar level in your blood. Plus they are also great for your hair and skin.

The juice extracted from green vegetables like kale and collards is rich in calcium. Calcium will ensure that your bones and teeth are healthy. These vegetables are also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants like Vitamin C will reduce the risk of muscular degeneration and cataract. It will also decrease the risk of bone fractures and arthritis. If you want to repair your body tissues, then spinach is a perfect vegetable for you.

Green vegetables are also rich in folate. It will help you in reducing the risk of memory loss and cardiovascular disease. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of eating them daily.

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1. Support Better Brain Functioning

If you want to improve your memory, then you must include green vegetables in your diet. According to a study published in Neurology, people who eat green vegetables every day have a better memory. This fact is true even if you adjust other factors like education and lifestyle. Thus, if you want a better memory, then they must be in your diet.

2. Reduce Belly Bloat

Bloating can be caused by gut infection, hormones, or even your diet. However, there is potassium in green vegetables that can help you. Most of them are rich in potassium. It will help you in maintaining the optimal fluid balance.

If your diet is high in sodium or salt, then it can trigger bloating. Hence, you must ensure that you are taking less than 4,800 mg of potassium per day. You should eat at least one cup of spinach. This will provide you 840 mg of potassium, which is enough for your daily requirements.

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3. Smooth Skin

Green vegetables are rich in beta-carotene. Thus, they will act as a natural sunscreen for your skin. Beta-carotene will make your snow glowing. Also, it will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The best source of beta-carotene is kale. If you want glowing skin, then drink its juice daily.

4. Reduce Stress

Everyone in today’s world is ‘stressed’. You can reduce your stress level by making some changes to your diet. Try to start your day with a green smoothie. It should contain all the green vegetables that you can find.

Green vegetables are a great source of folate. Folate will help your body in producing serotonin and dopamine. Thus, it will ultimately reduce your stress level.

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5. Strong bones

Most people think that milk is the only source of calcium. But, according to many researchers, milk doesn’t have any effect on fracture risk. Milk is still essential for you. However, you should eat green vegetables to get calcium. It will ensure that your bones are healthy. They are also rich in calcium.

6. Lower Cholesterol level

Vegetables like kale and mustard greens will help you in lowering down your cholesterol level. Your liver makes bile acids by using your cholesterol.

This bile acid will help you in better digestion. Green vegetables are rich in fiber. However, it is difficult to digest fiber. Thus, your body will end up producing more bile acid for digesting your food. This will reduce the cholesterol level in your body.

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7. Balance sugar

Green vegetables will also help you in balancing the sugar level in your blood. You should eat at least one serving of them after every meal. This will help you in boosting the glucose level in your body. People who are suffering from thyroid should also eat green vegetables every day. If your blood sugar is varying, then your body will convert T4 to Reverse T3. This will help you in controlling the thyroid condition.

8. Digestive Enzymes

Most people think that they are what they eat, but, you are what your body digests. Digestive enzymes are vital for your body. They are responsible for breaking down your food.

Also, digestive enzymes will help you in absorbing the nutrients. If your body doesn’t have enough enzymes, then you can suffer many problems like reflux, constipation, and malnutrition. Green vegetables will help your body in producing more digestive enzymes.

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9.  Better Gut Health

If you are struggling with sensitivity or leaky gut, then you should include green vegetables in your diet. Brussels sprouts or broccoli will help you in producing ILCs or innate lymphoid cells. These cells will protect you against gut inflammation and infections. It will also protect you from food tolerances and allergies.

ILCs are also useful for sealing the leaks in your gut. This will ensure that your gut is healthy. ILCs can also protect you from harmful bacteria. The fiber will increase the level of good bacteria in the body. Thus, green leafy vegetables are perfect for dealing with diseases.

10. Prevent cancer

According to a study by the American Dietetic Association, green vegetables can decrease the risk of colon cancer. This type of cancer is highly prevalent in the world. You can prevent colon cancer by adding mustard greens and kale in your daily diet.

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Leafy green vegetables can provide many nutrients to your body. You must add at least some of them in your diet. This will ensure that you are getting enough minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins for your body.

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