#GOindoors – Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives

If like us you love the great outdoors this period of isolation may be particularly hard.

Retail giant GO Outdoors has temporarily re-branded and launched a video urging consumers to stay at home and protect the NHS, with the Met office predicting warmer and drier weather this weekend and the Prime Minister urging Brits to stay at home. This follows Department for Transport figures showing a ‘concerning’ rise in car use earlier this week.  

The UK’s largest outdoor stores, GO Outdoors, has adapted its iconic branding in light of recent advice from the government on helping the NHS contain the spread of coronavirus. More than a simple name change, the business is also focusing its efforts in helping the nation to get through these troubling times with inspiring activities to do at home. 

With the British public now told they must only leave their homes for essential travel and one piece of exercise per day, the message being echoed by the chain is now GO Indoors, protect the NHS, and save lives.  

As the pandemic continues to heap increasing pressure on essential services, the retail chain is encouraging its customers to instead ‘Go Indoors’ and save lives, and is making its ranges available online to self-isolating customers avoiding the High Street.

There are still so many ways you can enjoy outdoor time indoors, or at least within the confines of a garden, back yard or even balcony. We will be sharing lots of ideas over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Go Outdoors want to inspire the UK to have fun and adventure, in a safe manner, no matter what your ability is, it’s the ethos that their staff and customers have shared for many years. From camping indoors to star spotting from your bedroom window. 

What ideas of your own can you come up with?

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