3 Signs You Need A Well-Deserved Hair Makeover & 3 Ways To Get It Done

Once women reach their mid-20s, they tend to carry on with the same look for at least till their early 30s without changing anything about themselves. Many of us fear doing anything too ‘drastic’.

Given below are three signs that it may be time for a hair makeover, followed by three ways you can get one.

Signs You Need a Hair Makeover

1.     Hairstyle on Loop

If you have the same hairstyle every single day whether you are heading to work, lunch, or on off on holiday, it is a sure sign that your hair needs a well-deserved makeover. While there is nothing wrong with sporting the same hair every day as it reduces the amount of time you spend getting ready every day, it can make you look a bit boring.

2.     Boring ol’ Hair Colour

If you are in your 20s and still have your virgin hair colour, you are seriously missing out I’m told. It is even worse if you had gotten your hair coloured a few years ago and are now left with dull and lifeless locks. By now you possibly have limp and lousy hair that you don’t even make an effort with.

3.     Struggle with Anything New

If you end up in tears every time you try a new hairdo, it is a sign that you struggle with doing anything new with your hair and need urgent professional help! If a 20-minute long YouTube tutorial cannot assist you, and if any new hairdo doesn’t work for you, it may be a sign that your current haircut doesn’t match your hair’s texture.

Ways You Can Get a Hair Makeover

1.     Get Hair Extensions

Adding some length to your hair can give your look an instant uplift, and long gone are the days when you had to grow out your hair to get longer locks. To add some length to your hair, you can simply choose temporary clip in hair extensions and get luscious and glossy locks in no time. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to install, easy to remove, and require little maintenance.

2.     Experiment with a Hair Colour

Experimenting with your hair colour is yet another way to get a hair makeover. There are tons of options and you can go ahead with whichever hair colour you can maintain in the long run. You can opt for highlights, lowlights, balayage, or even a one-tone dye. If you aren’t in the mood to experiment, however, opt for nano ring hair extensions that can be set in your hair like lowlights.

3.     Feature into Bangs

Bangs are positively the easiest way to get a hair makeover without making much of an effort. Simply choose a style of bangs that is manageable and suits your face shape, and sit in a salon chair for 20 mins to achieve your full-blown makeover. Again, if you are shy to experiment, try clip-on hair extensions as bangs for a few days to understand what bangs look like on your face, and then proceed with the actual cut bangs if you like it.

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