5 Reasons to Play Golf as a Family this Summer

What do you think of when you think of golf? I used to think it sounded so boring – hitting a ball and then going to find it, before hitting it again! Huh?

However, these days I actually think it could be one of those things that could be fun to do as a family. What do you think? Here are a few thoughts. You can also check out https://www.reachpar.com/ for more tips and ideas on golf.

A chance to get outside

Whether your family are already lovers of the great outdoors, or whether you are looking for options to try and get everyone out in the fresh air, golf as a family could be an option.

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Golf gives you the chance to get some fresh air and spend some time appreciating nature. It’s a sneaky way to get everyone to go on a long walk, by adding hitting a few balls in to the mix!

It is for everyone

Golf is one of those activities that easily spans generations. I know children who go and play golf with their grandparents, and it’s heart-warming to see them share moments on the course, complete with essentials like Sunday golf bags to carry their clubs and gear. Just think, if your children still have their grandparents around, you could have a 3-generational hobby, how fantastic would that be? It would mean they could try out that golf shirt from Function 18 and put it to good use!

It’s a lovely opportunity to bond together as a family and develop a shared interest. Is there anything more important than quality time with your family?

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It’s a great way to challenge yourself and each other

Each time you play golf you can challenge yourself and each other to do better than you did the previous time.

It’s a great way to work on everyone’s skills and build up and improve over time. Whether it’s on an individual hole, or over an entire round, you can focus on trying to improve each time you play.

It’s character building

Not necessarily a phrase everyone is comfortable with as it often relates to something difficult or unpleasant that is somehow supposed to make you a ‘better’ person.

That’s not what I mean here, I’m talking about the fact that the pace of the game is slow, which gives everyone a chance to take their time and think about how to handle the situation – skills that can of course be applied elsewhere to life.

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It’s a sport with longevity

Imagine if your children started playing golf at 6 or 7, if you played as a family and made it your ‘thing’, it’s possible they could still be playing at 70. How many sports and activities could you say that about?

As golf is not as physically demanding as many other sports, like swimming, it’s something that you can easily continue with into older age. It’s something that can be taken up in childhood and continued well into later life.

Are you a golfer? Do you have a golfer in the family perhaps? Have you ever considered joining them? My experience so far has been limited to crazy golf and a few driving ranges, but it’s something I really fancy for the future.

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  1. I only play crazy golf when we go on holiday and I’m absolutely rubbish at that so I don’t think I would be any good at real golf.

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