Blitzing your garden: getting the whole family involved

When the weather is nice, or even just dry, getting everyone outside, working together to blitz the garden can be both productive and lots of fun.

Here are a few ideas of the things you can get the whole family involved in.

Cutting the lawn

Our children love to get involved in cutting the lawn. We have a small plastic toy lawnmower that they join in with when it’s time to cut the grass. They also like raking up any loose grass into a pile.

Not only does it save you a job, working together on something like the garden can be so much fun and create lasting childhood memories. I have fond memories from childhood of working in the garden with my own parents and I’m so pleased that this is also something my own children enjoy doing.

I’m hoping with the long school holidays ahead, there will be plenty of days like this. If you are fed up with your lawn and need advice on artificial grass, get in touch with Lawrence Lawns, who are a top quality provider of artificial grass.

Make sure that if your children are going to get involved in weeding that they have some little gardening gloves. I picked up some Gruffalo gardening gloves from our local garden centre a couple of years ago and they have been well used.

Banish the weeds

One of the things our little boys love to do is go around the garden pulling up the weeds. What’s more, they are really good at it.

If you plan on using weed killer on the garden at all, be careful not to do that when the children are around. I know that sounds like an obvious thing but when life is busy and you are trying to get things done it’s easy to get complacent.

Cut things back

Whilst out in the garden why not cut back anything that is a little overgrown. It’s the garden equivalent of a de-clutter!

Honestly, give it a go, you’ll feel refreshed afterwards. I find a good garden blitz quite therapeutic and the children love collecting up everything we’ve cut down and piling it up into the recycling bags.

Pick that fruit

If you have fruit trees in the garden, a really fun and satisfying thing to do as a family can be to pick the fruit together and them make something with it afterwards.

Our children love to cook and bake as well, so growing something in the back garden and then using what you’ve grown to make something in the kitchen – well, they just love that!

If you have a tree dripping with fruit it’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up throwing fruit away. Plan ahead, know what you are going to make, don’t just throw it in the freezer – you’ll discover it the year after, when you have a brand new crop to contend with.

Do you enjoy gardening? Is it something you get the whole family involved in? We’d love to hear your approach in a comment below.

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