Tidying up the garden: a fun family activity

helping in the garden

The children love being outdoors. I wrote recently about the positive effects on behaviour from being outside. I honestly think it makes a huge difference, but getting outdoors doesn’t have to mean going somewhere else.

The children love to be at home, but out in the garden, and whilst they love to play on their bikes and scooters, bounce on the trampoline and get all kinds of messy in the sand pit and mud kitchen, they equally love just helping out.

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Make your garden the place to be

love your garden

If you love hanging out in the garden, but just not your own – there’s a problem. A garden should be your sanctuary, where you can lie in the sun in the summertime and work on that tan (in between dodging the children’s water guns and joining them in the paddling pool), or throw a […]

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