5 tips for caring for baby soft skin

I think all parents would agree that there is nothing sweeter than the soft, smooth skin of a newborn. Even overdue babies that get that those overcooked, cracked bits (as we well know) still soften up really quickly in the main. As babies start to grow, you want their skin to stay that soft and smooth for as long as possible. Here are five simple steps to keep their skin pampered and feeling good.

1. Rethink bath time

We have always had bath time as a nightly ritual, part of the wind-down before bed process. It’s just something we have always done and the children really look forward to it. Having said that I know plenty of parents that have ‘bath nights’ and maybe only bath their children once or twice a week. Just make sure that if you are using this approach you use sponge baths around the nappy area, mouth, and any skin folds (around armpits, thighs, and double chins), this should do the trick.

Choose your baby wash wisely, especially if your children have sensitive skin, otherwise you may do more harm than good. With the Childs Farm’s baby range you can be sure you’re giving your little one’s skin the best care possible. All their products are clinically tested and approved as suitable for use on newborns and upwards – even those with sensitive or eczema-prone skin. Their hair and body wash for babies is super mild, and fragrance-free and cleans from head to toe, it contains Argan oil to leave baby’s skin completely hydrated.

childs farm

2. Block the sun

Not a huge issue in the UK during the winter months but don’t get caught out. When you take your baby out in the daytime, use these items to cover and protect  their tender skin:

  • A hat
  • Tightly woven clothing with long sleeves and legs
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15

For babies younger than 6 months, try to keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. When you take them out, apply sunscreen only to small areas that might be hard to cover with clothes, such as the face and hands. Rub it in well. You can use it all over an older baby’s body, but be careful around their eyes. Also, try not to take little ones out between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun is strongest.

Reapply it every 2 hours or after your baby sweats or gets wet and don’t forget the sun can be strong in the mountains, so if you are off on a skiing holiday PACK THE SUN CREAM!

3. Be careful with the laundry

When you wash your children’s clothes, and dribble bibs if your little ones use them, use a detergent that’s free of perfumes and dyes. I swear by Fairy or Comfort Pure as I find them to be the most gentle and I just use that for the whole family so there can’t be any mix ups.

4. Keep skin moisturised

That brand-new, soft baby skin needs to be moisturised, just like yours, and that doesn’t change much as children grow, we just get out of the routine and busy lives and commitments take over.

It helps to moisturise more frequently if your little one’s skin is dry, during winter months, or if they have eczema keep an eye on it a bit more than normal. We love Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser with shea and cocoa butter to naturally moisturise newborn skin, but our favourite as it is so easy to use is the Childs Farm Baby Oil, made with organic coconut oil, as it leaves skin soft and smooth and smelling lovely.

baby oil

5. Soothe sensitive bits

Little ones in nappies often have wet or clammy skin that can become irritated, not to mention the damage a toxic poo can do.

To take care of this sensitive area, change your baby’s nappy often obviously and once you’ve cleansed the area and got some air circulating add a suitable cream. We’ve had success with Sudocrem, Bepanthen, Vaseline and Childs Farm Nappy Cream over the years but we also really like NatraSan spray as that can work wonders on a sore bottom.


  1. Sun cream is so so important. I can’t believe some people don’t automatically slather their children in it!

  2. So important
    My neices little girl has really sensitive skin -so important to use the correct clothing and skin products

  3. What an excellent post! I’m really fussy when it comes to children’s products. I love Childs Farm, a new brand for me.

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