5 Ways To Reduce Stress When Moving

Moving house is full of change and uncertainty, which for many people causes stress and apprehension. A move is not just about adjusting to a new house, but also transitioning to numerous things.

Getting accustomed to a new area, finding new schools, going to new shops, and, in some circumstances, making new friends are just a few things involved with relocating to a new house.

With all of this change, you are probably looking for ways to minimise the accompanying stress. Here are 5 tips to help alleviate the stress of moving house.

Get A Head Start

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Allocating enough time is vital to having a smooth move. Look at your moving day as a deadline. This might seem like it will increase stress, but it helps keep you focused on a goal that you can envision.

As with any deadline, it is better to start early, providing plenty of time to get things done. If possible, start 3 months before your proposed move date. However, the earlier the better!

You will need to be prepared, which involves packing, selling some of your belongings, and making arrangements for the move. Starting early gives you more time for the more emotional stuff as well—host a farewell party for friends, family, and neighbours or take the time to really enjoy your area. Instead of multiplying your stress by doing everything last minute, begin preparations well in advance to make the move much easier.

Create A Moving Checklist

The worst thing you can do when moving is to go in without a plan. This is where a moving checklist comes into play. This way, you won’t miss out on important tasks and can go through the whole process in an efficient and logical manner. Try breaking up the checklist chronologically, starting with the earliest possible point.

Also, don’t pack your valuables without a strategy! Trying to pack with no organisation can quickly become tiring and overwhelming; instead move from room to room. You’ll be amazed at how quickly packing will go! Label everything clearly with its destination room to make unpacking easier as well.

Purge Your Belongings

Moving is a great chance to declutter! Well before you start packing, take a tour of your house and go through your belongings. Look for broken items and things that you do not absolutely need or want. Categorise things into three piles: sell, donate, and toss.

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Clutter is known to cause stress in your home as it is an overload of your senses by multiple stimuli. All of your items vie for your attention, making it difficult to fully focus.

Getting rid of your unnecessary items provides both mental and physical health benefits, instantly reducing the stress you feel. Another advantage of decluttering is you’ll save money. Since you’ll have fewer items, you can cut down the cost of moving. You’ll have less to pack and will have an easier time moving too!

Get Help – You’re Not Alone

Does the prospect of moving house all on your own sound frightening? Don’t forget that there are people who can help you! For example, ask your friends and family to assist with packing and cleaning.

Delegate tasks appropriately—get everyone involved, such as letting your children pack their own rooms. Going about this all on your own means you will feel lonely, tired, and frustrated. Rather than stressing out, getting everyone to work together makes it easier and more enjoyable.

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For the larger moves, hiring movers is worth considering. With their various services, you can leave a significant portion of the planning, heavy lifting, and even packing to the removers. Having someone to help you can really make the difference between an overwhelming time and a smooth move.

Maintain A Balance

Throughout the whole moving process, it can be easy to only focus on the move. However, this can really tire you out quite quickly. Similar to other areas of your life, such as work and family life, it is necessary to take an occasional break and take some time for yourself.

Treat yourself from time to time. Make the time to do something that makes you happy, whether that is going for that early morning run or cooking together with your kids. Taking these small breaks is crucial to keeping everyone in your family relaxed. If you take care of yourself and family, you will decrease the amount of stress you will have when you are moving.

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Here are 5 tips to reduce stress when you are preparing to move house. Stress, although an inevitable part of a big change, can be managed and mitigated with proper preparation. With the right mindset and precautions, you can have a pleasant moving experience.


  1. Passing these tips on because my sister is just about to move houses and I have a feeling it’s intimidating her!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. It’s true that hiring movers is a great idea to make the moving process less stressful. We actually moved just a few months ago, and we hired a company we found on this website that compares moving home removal costs. We asked them to pack, disassemble, and even reassemble our things, saving up lots of our time and energy! We’re able to focus on more important aspects of our move like transferring our kids to a new school and informing our banking provider of our new address.

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