Get Your Home in Perfect Shape with These 5 Summer Cleaning Tips

When we think about cleaning, the season we most commonly associate with it is spring, certainly not summer. Summer is the month we spend out on holidays, enjoying the weather and chilling in the back garden, not indoors.

However, your home won’t wait for the best season to get messy. The longer you put off cleaning the more tedious it is going to be once you finally get down to it. Therefore you should not postpone it, but try to make it as quick and effective as possible.

In this article, we give you a few tips to make your summer cleaning easy.

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Don’t Let the Dust Settle

Dust tends to build up in the summer more than any other time of the year, which is why it is very important not to neglect it. Make sure you clean all the inaccessible spots like cabinets, blinds, and appliances, as they may hide a lot of dangerous microorganisms as well as other harmful intruders. Read more about it here.

The most effective way to clean dust is using a damp microfiber cloth, as a dry one may scratch the surface of your furniture. You should fold it into a square and use one side to collect dirt. When it becomes too dirty, simply use another side of the cloth.

Wash Your Windows

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If you want to truly let the sunshine into your home, you first have to clean layers of dirt accumulated on the glass. Clean your windows using a rubber wiper and a soft cloth to make sure your windows are without streaks.

You can take the screens down to clean them completely before putting them back. Make sure to clean everything before you put them back. Also, don’t neglect any glass patio doors. As people tend to use their hands to open the door, their fingerprints get stuck on the glass.

Clean the Patio Furniture

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Nobody wants to spend their time sitting on dirty patio furniture. Patio furniture usually stays out, meaning it accumulates a lot of dirt and debris. However, don’t use abrasive chemicals as you can damage the furniture. Instead, opt in for warm, soapy water and a sponge.

Wash the Bedding

Since you are likely not using winter comforters and blankets, it would be a good idea to have them washed and cleaned before the cold days settle in again. Replace them with soft, light linens. Winter bedding can also be a host to dangerous bacteria, so it’s smart to get rid of them before you have to use your favourite blanket again.

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Clean the Air Vents

Using an air conditioner to cool your home during the summer can be really expensive, but clogged vents can make the cost even higher and your conditioner less efficient. Your home will be no cooler and you’ll waste a lot of money and energy. Even worse, dirty and clogged air filters help spread allergens throughout your home.

If you live somewhere where a system like this is essential, you want your AC unit to work flawlessly and not harm you and your family, so make a note to clean the vents.

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