6 Tips for Making Bedtime an Enjoyable Experience for Your Child

After a day of tending to your little ones, you eagerly anticipate the moment they drift off to sleep at night. Sometimes, that time just never comes, even though they are as exhausted as you are, it doesn’t always work that way. This may be because of discomfort, separation anxiety, fear of missing out, or simply wanting to extend playtime. Some babies and children just resist sleep, no matter what you do. To ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for the whole family, you can try to establish a relaxing and enjoyable bedtime routine.

Here are six ways to create a soothing bedtime for your child. Note that some days you can do all these things and still children will still resist sleep. My dad used to have to put me in the car and drive me around late at night to make me sleep, and I’ve done that several times with my children. Don’t feel that you are a rubbish parent if your children don’t sleep, and don’t let other people make you feel as though there is something wrong with you or your child. Our youngest, didn’t sleep through the night until he was five, now he is a fabulous sleeper and very good at bedtime – there is hope!

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Time Your Child’s Meals

You’d be surprised at how much energy your children can have just by eating a particular food at a time they should possibly not. Steer clear of specific foods that hype them up, six hours before bed. A child can be kept awake by anything greasy, sweet, or energetic.

Develop a Calm Routine

Creating a soothing and regular routine is one of the most important components of a successful bedtime. If you stick to the same schedule every night, your child will learn (eventually) that it’s time to wind down and get ready for bed.

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Set a Consistent Bedtime

When it comes to night-time, stability is essential. Establish a regular bedtime so that your child gets the appropriate amount of sleep for their age. Maintaining this routine can aid your child’s internal clock and encourage good sleep habits. Consistency offers peace of mind that can help reduce any resistance to going to bed.

Promote Good Connections with Nighttime

If you include fun activities in your routine, they will have something to look forward to at night. Find ways to make night-time cheerful, such as sharing highlights of the day, singing a lullaby, or cuddling with a snorlax plush. In addition, encourage your child to choose the activities that they enjoy. This is so that they can take charge of their sleep routine.


Reduce Screen Time before Sleeping

Blue light from screens can disrupt the body’s melatonin production, which controls sleep-wake cycles. We know this, and yet many of us choose to ignore this as adults, myself included. Design a screen-free area at least one hour prior to bedtime to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Promote productive interests like reading a book or having quiet playtime. Your child’s body and brain will go into sleep mode more readily if their screen time is restricted.

Provide Comfort and Assurance

Some children may be afraid or anxious during bedtime. It is important as a parent to know your child’s emotions and address any worries they may have. Your reassurance will help and comfort them. Provide an environment where communication is comfortable, and your kids feel free to express their feelings without being shy. Tell them you are available to help and that they can come to you anytime with any needs. Creating a cosy and secure environment helps ease anxiety before bed and encourages relaxation.



Every family goes through a phase like this, but all that will become a thing of the past when you discover the giant plush Pikachu to keep your child company. With these five useful tips, you can turn going to bed into a fun tradition. Your children will be able to fall asleep and also wake up feeling recharged. Everybody gets to win in the end because you all get to sleep well without those night-time conflicts.

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