Protecting Your Little Ones: The Importance of Child Software Controls

In today’s digitally driven world, children are growing up surrounded by technology, the world is vastly different from when we were children. From tablets and smartphones to laptops and gaming consoles, the digital landscape offers vast opportunities for learning and entertainment. However, along with these benefits come potential risks.

As parents, it’s crucial to navigate this digital landscape wisely and take proactive steps to protect our children. One such measure is implementing child software controls, such as Child Control by Salfeld. In this article, I will delve into why parents should consider these controls and how they can benefit families.

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1. Safeguarding Against Inappropriate Content

The internet is a vast repository of information, but not all of it is suitable for young eyes. Without proper controls in place, children can easily stumble upon inappropriate content such as violence, explicit language, diet fads or adult material.

Child software controls act as a barrier, filtering out content that is not age-appropriate. Whether it’s restricting access to certain websites based on age-groups or specific categories, Child Control by Salfeld helps create a safer online environment for children to explore.

2. Managing Screen Time

Excessive screen time can have detrimental effects on a child’s physical and mental well-being. From eye strain to disrupted sleep patterns, the negative consequences are well-documented.

Child software controls often include features that allow parents to set limits on screen time, enforcing designated periods for device usage and encouraging healthier habits. By regulating screen time, parents can strike a balance between technology (which of course has a vital role in modern society) and other activities such as outdoor play, reading, and social interaction. Child Control by Salfeld does this very well. It even lets you automatically unlock “extra device time” for specific programs.

3. Preventing Unauthorised Purchases

“Alexa…order a Nintendo Switch” – anyone else learnt this the hard way? In-app purchases and online transactions pose a potential financial risk when children have unrestricted access to digital devices. I’ve had numerous conversations with parents either in utter despair or utter hysterics at what their children have manage to order. Child software controls can prevent unauthorised purchases in multiple ways. For instance, by requiring parental approval upon opening certain apps, or setting up password protection for transactions.

4. Monitoring and Tracking Online Activity

Understanding your child’s online behaviour is essential for identifying potential risks and addressing them promptly.

Child software controls often include monitoring and tracking features that allow parents to see which websites their children visit, the apps they use, and with whom they communicate. This insight enables parents to have meaningful conversations with their children about internet safety and address any concerns that may arise.

With Child Control by Salfeld, you can monitor your child’s online behaviour on a nice “parent app”, or via any browser installed on your smartphone. You also have the option to receive daily or weekly reports, directly to your inbox, for maximum convenience.

5. Fostering Independence with Age-Appropriate Controls

As children grow and mature, their digital needs and abilities evolve as well. Child software controls offer customisable settings that can be adjusted based on age and developmental stage. We find this especially useful with our children.

While younger children may require stricter controls to ensure their safety, older children benefit from increased autonomy and responsibility. By gradually loosening restrictions and empowering children to make informed decisions, parents can foster independence while still maintaining a safe digital environment. This is what Child Control by Salfeld does best, with its very advanced options for control and monitoring.

Where to start

Salfeld has been developing software that helps parents to control the children’s media consumption since 1998. Parents are supported by the multiple award-winning software Child Control in all the best ways.

Child Control is also available as an app for Android. Both of which are constantly being improved with the help of parents and teachers. All programs and apps are available in English, German, or French. You can try Child Control for free for 30 days by visiting their website.

If you choose to buy a 24-month license after your trial, you’ll also be protected by a generous 30-day refund policy. It’s 60 days to test the software with your children and see if it fits your needs. Many families have found it to be the case.   


Child software controls are invaluable tools for parents seeking to protect their children online. By safeguarding against inappropriate content, managing screen time, monitoring online activity, and fostering independence, these controls provide a comprehensive solution to let children benefit from technology while staying protected. .

As parents, it’s our responsibility to equip our children with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in a connected world while keeping them safe every step of the way.

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