Beginner’s Guide to Online Casinos

online casinos

We’ve all heard about casinos, maybe some of you have been in one, travelled to Vegas perhaps, or even Japan? Check out to find out more about the Japanese gambling industry! Some people are not exactly sure what online casinos are. They don’t trust them or give them a chance as they think the […]

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Three Essential Ways to Raise Digitally Secure Kids – Parental App and Kids’ Safety

smartphone safety; digitally secure kids

Raising children in the age of smart technology, gadgets, mobile apps, easily available porn, cyber bullying, cyber predators and sexting is quite a task. It is dangerous for kids and worrisome for parents. It is not just their security but also their health that is under attack. Children nowadays, suffer from fatigue, stress, dry eyes, […]

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Safety first

The majority of people in this modern day and age will recognise that the Internet has become a constant reference point throughout our everyday lives. We have gotten so used to being able to connect with the world online that we can hardly imagine an efficient day without that privilege. As a result of this […]

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