Dos and Don’ts about Kids Online Video Games

The Internet is a part of today’s life. Not even children today are left untouched by its effects, but when it comes to children and the internet, parents need to be very cautious about how they are using it, what they are checking and how frequently they are online.

Lots of children today love to play various online video games, but with pop ups and various links on sites, casino games are attracting them more and more –  there’s no dearth of games which target children.

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Online casino games and kids’ fascination

It is nearly impossible to keep the children away from online games because of the easy access they have to the internet. What can be done, is to set up some home rules to keep them safe and apply parental controls to their devices. Here are a few things to think about:

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  • Choose proper online gaming sites and make sure your child does not start playing on just any random site. Make a list of sites your child can visit and play on
  • Check the games available on the sites. If you feel they are inappropriate for the children in any way, either flag the game down or block out the complete site
  • The games they play should be free and for fun. There’s no way money should be involved
  • Play initial rounds together. Playing a new game together with your children will mean you spend some time together. This will also let you check that the games are what they look like and don’t turn out something you don’t want your children to play. Once you are sure about the safety of the game you can let them play games online by themselves
  • Another important factor to consider is the time limit. Children should only play online games for some fixed time. Work out together a comfortable time span and stick to it
  • Install some good security features on your devices like firewalls to filter out the content that streams while playing casino games

Being on the internet can be educational and support multiple skills. Whilst nothing beats being involved in physical activities and spending time outside – some time online isn’t always a negative thing.


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