Fashion must haves for parents

Being a parent is rewarding in its self but while looking after your children there can be very little time left to spend on yourself. However, you can treat yourself by ensuring that you have a few key fashion items and accessories in your wardrobe.

These items need to be practical. You no doubt get covered in food and anything sticky as a parent and with little children, you constantly need to think about any hazards, so here are some fashion must-haves for any parent.

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The Right Clothing

It’s not always easy to stick to the hottest trends and if you’re the parent of small infants then there may be no point in you opting for something expensive that will only get ruined, that’s why we suggest you go for comfort. So it’s got a little spit up on it? So what, most people will completely understand having been parents themselves.

However, if you do want to look nice then go for patterned clothing. No matter what colour you wear milk stains and other foods will show up but it’s more difficult to see on a patterned top. This will help you to go for something you not only feel comfortable in but also look great in.

If you’re a man this might be a little more tricky, but a stripped or polka dot top will help you to avoid those unsightly stains. Alternatively, you can wear layers – a t-shirt under a shirt will look good and you can easily remove the stained top.

Safe Accessories

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It’s not only clothes that you need to think of, accessories too can be very tricky to wear as a parent. If you love a necklace it may be best to steer clear until your child is out of the pulling stage. The last thing you want is for it to end up broken, and the same goes for dangling earrings, that will be sure to hurt if pulled.

For women, a watch is a great accessory, but I’d choose a waterproof one, just in case. You can also wear bracelets but it’s better to make sure they have a thick band so they can’t easily be snapped and broken. It’s also wise to avoid any dangling bracelet charms if your child pulls on off the first thing they will do is put it in their mouth.

Similar to a woman a man can wear a stylish watch and it should be ok around children, again I’d say go for waterproof. Just in case you’re so tired that you forget to take it off before bathing the baby. Another great accessory for men can be cufflinks, they are harder for a child to pull off and if you’re holding a baby your hands will be behind them meaning they will be unable to reach to pull and twist them. To find a set of stylish and safe cufflinks go to this website.

Sensible Shoes

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Being a parent your expected to be running around and joining in on your kid’s activities. With that in mind, it’s important to choose the right footwear for running about. You want to have fun but it’s important to have comfortable shoes that give you the ability to do so.

For a woman, it might be that you enjoy wearing heels, but if you’re running around all day after your children, heels can end up damaging your feet. It’s far better to wear flat shoes or even trainers for most of the day and leave heels for a different occasion.

For men shoes are easier to choose, at work smart shoes will do but again at home running around with the children it can end up really hurting your feet. Trainers and plimsolls are recommended as they are softer and ultimately more comfortable.

What are your parent-wardrobe essentials?

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