7 Things You Need to Make Your Own Home Bar

In this busy world, you need room to relax and have a nice drink without having to go out every time you crave one. Fortunately, you can bring it all home by creating a home bar for yourself. Home bars saw a massive rise in popularity during the COVID-19 lockdowns, but many people are still enjoying these spaces.

There are many modern designers who can help you create a small place to build a bar at home, if you don’t have these skills yourself. Moreover, it’s not too difficult to learn how to make a drink at home. With practice, you can master the art of making cocktails and come up with your signature drink. However, you do need equipment similar to the ones used in a bar.

Well, in this department, I’ve got you covered! 

In this article, I will go through all the equipment you need to bring the bar-drinking experience at home.

1. Spill Mats and Beermats

Spill mats are basically rubber mats that bars keep in front of their service stations. While they are used to advertise brands, they also hold all the spills and drops of liquor that happen during service. These are also good for using it at home to keep the counter drop-dry and mess-free.

Additionally, you could purchase some beermats from Mosaic Board Printers and place them one the table to avoid drips of liquor falling off the glass. It’ll help you save some time from clearing up the mess later. On top of that, you can purchase custom mats with designs of your choice to enhance the overall look of your bar. Have you got a name for your home bar yet?

2. Jigger

While making any drinks, you need to measure them accurately. 

Yes, there are few cocktail bars that are known to pour drinks freely, but they are trained professionals who know how much they’ve put in a glass by simply looking at it. Unless you’re one of them, you absolutely need a jigger.

Typically a normal jigger will help you get precise and consistent measurements, but they tend to fill till the brim, which might cause your drink to drip out.

As an alternative, you can get larger jiggers that will never reach the top from a single measure of a cocktail ingredient. Regardless, make sure to use measurement lines on to put the right amount of ingredients.

3. A Small Tin and Large Tin Shaker

You are going to use these tins for shaking cocktails to dilute the drink, which will result in a significant improvement in taste. While using those tins, make sure to shake the drink with all your energy, if you want to get a strong taste similar to a daiquiri at a cocktail bar. 

An decent alternative to these tins is a pint glass, but shaking the drink in it difficult because it’s heavier, and if it accidentally slips from your sweaty hands, it will shatter into thousand pieces -It’s always better to use a solid metal tin for this action.

4. Pint Glass

You’ll need a pint glass for stirring drinks like Martinis and Manhattans. Sure, you can always purchase a fancy mixing glass, but there isn’t any considerable difference in the drink you’d get from using it instead of a pint.

On top of that, these fancy mixing glasses are expensive and tend to break often. Therefore, it’s better to use your money to purchase other items mentioned on this list.

5. Strainers

Making an amazing drink involves a lot of stirring and shaking, which causes the ice to break down into small chips. Nobody likes having ice chips on their cocktails, and that’s where the strainer comes into play.

A Hawthorne strainer will take away the ice chips away when you serve it in the glass. It’ll make sure nobody will have to chew down your cocktails, ensuring a wonderful time when you and your guest try them out!

6. Big Cube Tray

You can use the fridge to make some ice, but it isn’t a great choice for your cocktails. This is because the ice from your fridge would be cruddy and chipped, making it dissolve faster in your mixing vessel and glass.

A great cube tray, on the other hand, will keep your drinks chilled without diluting them. Since the ice they produce is solid, strong, and massive, it makes for the perfect option for your drinks, especially when making an old-school whisky.

7. Y-Peeler and Paring Knife

Garnishes make a massive impact on the finished product of your cocktail, and therefore, you need the right equipment like the y-peeler to make some great ones. 

A y-peeler is used to carve citrus skins and squeeze them on your drink to give it that sweet taste and aroma. It helps bring a refreshing smell to your cocktail, which adds more to the drink experience. 

Additionally, you’ll need a paring knife, if you want to add some lime wedges on the cocktail glass to give it a classy look.

To Conclude

Well, that covers everything you need to create a home bar. 

Now you can spare yourself from having to go out every time you crave a nice drink. Additionally, making drinks at your house is a safe and cost-effective way to end a night. 

Not only that, you can also host parties at your home and have a great time together, while impressing your friends and family by showcasing your bartending skills. What are you waiting for, get going and start learning about the products and equipment used behind bars and gain a better understanding of making new drinks. Cheers!

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